JFC in need of members (EU 1)

Discussion in 'Guild & Arena Team Search' started by ~Mc~aidyboy~, Feb 15, 2015.

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  1. we need members . were on EU 1 and need players at lvl 20+ to help or any level between 1-19 for us to help.
    This is FAW's Academy and when you reach level 20 you have a choice to go to FAW or stay :) enjoy and thanks for reading .
  2. slammer

    slammer User

    didnt know FAW had an academy and i am in FAW.
    And can say its a good guild to be in.
    With a active guild chat and helpfull players

    It would of been easy to join a lvl 50 guild because i have maxed end game ships
    but i like to help build up a guild instead of joining something allready finished
    that way you can feel more like its your place

    also i like it because its not compulsary to have TS or to have a big ship
    i dont like rules so much
    anyway if you are looking for a english speaking guild on server eu1
    that isnt attached to any particular country
    just saying check out FAW
  3. *sauce*

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    Yes FAW is a great guild
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  4. FAW is a great guild but JFC guild is not a "FAW academy". FAW is it's own academy and takes active players no matter what the level, teaching them the game by playing with gamers who have been in PS for years.