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  1. To the left hand side of your screen is a menu bar.

    Click on the Sealed envelope to open your inventory list.
  2. This is where you will find everything you need to know about your ship:

    A) Hits: The Hit Points on the left are what you have currently and the Hit Points to the right are your maximum total you can have at that time.

    B) Decks: Your total amount of decks you have active on your ship and how many decks you can have in total.

    C) Cannons: This shows you the current total of cannons you have to the total amount your ship can hold for use.

    D) Speed: This is where you find your current speed and the maximum speed your ship can go.

    E) Harpoons: This tells you how many harpoon Launchers you have currently and maximum total your ship can hold for use.

    Note: You can have more Cannons and Harpoon Launchers on your ship in the storage area.
  3. This is where you can manage your cannons:

    A) This shows you how many cannons are currently on your ship and how how many you can hold.

    B) Shows the type of cannon and how many you have of them on your ship.

    C) This is where you store your cannons.

    D) This shows you what you have in storage.
  4. Adding more cannons to your decks:

    A) This tells you the type of cannon your going to equip your ship with.

    B) This allows you to choose the desired number of cannons you want to add to your ships decks.

    C) This will equip your cannons to your ship.


    Now that you have the max number of cannons on board your ship, you are ready for battle!
  5. You can find your decks and ship improvements here:


    A) This gives you the option of looking at your decks and improvements separately or together.
  6. Here you can view just your decks:

    A) This lets you know the type of deck you have equipped on your boat.

    B) The numbers on the right tell you how many sinks your decks have left before you have to replace them. The numbers on the right tell you how many sinks each deck has total
  7. This is where you can view the different types of improvements you have on board your ship:


    Note: You can only have 1 of each type of improvement equipped on your boat.
  8. Here you can view all the added miscellaneous items you have on your ship:


    A) Miscellaneous item name

    B) Icon for each miscellaneous item.

    C) Amount you have on hand.
  9. Harpoons
    This is where you can manage your Harpoon Launchers:

    This shows you how many harpoon launchers you have aboard your ship.
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