I was hacked

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by LucasMartins1, Feb 10, 2020.

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  1. Hello, my name in game is ‏Sтαя in server Eu1.
    My account and my mail box were hacked: He destroyes all of my ship, a lot of items are used, my bonus map was opened, i lose all of diamonds (i get 523k) and all golds (706M)
    I ask you if it's possible to get a lot of my ships, with my spectral and pentar power, to have my diamonds and my golds??

    I wait to have an answer

    Thank you, ‏Sтαя
  2. Jolly-Bonesjack

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    Ahoy LucasMartins1

    Forum moderators do not have access to player accounts. Therefore, you must send a support ticket. You must first log in to your account and then click Support at the bottom of the page. Please include your USER ID, Email, Server ID, server you play on.

    Is there anything else we may help you with?

    Happy Sailing!
  3. Kalyps0

    Kalyps0 User

    Getting hacked is much less likely then having someone you know ( or trusted with your password ) being a jealous prick and doing this, just saying.
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