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  1. Ναι!

    Ναι! User

    I want join a war guild to help me get the Gladiator!!!
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  2. Blackzerto

    Blackzerto User

    what server are you in?
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    HELLGUY User

    yeah hard to give any suggestions/invites when no1 knows what server youre playing:p if youre just starting out and open to any server HOW on us1 will help ya get a glad we are gonna have some going for it and some going for deck too.
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  4. sobby1

    sobby1 User

    Umm war is eu1... :) join GRN :) but you must have ts3 and be on everyday etc. We will help you get the glad ;)
  5. =yahya=

    =yahya= User

    you dont need war to get you gladiator.. i am from EU1 and i am not in any alliance.. im in a independant guild called FAW and i as well as one other have destroyer of worlds ;)
  6. where are u from yahya?
  7. Troywa65

    Troywa65 User

    Please note that the Gladiaor is a boat that can be won in 2VS2 arena at 3,000 points at the end of an arena season. Q: I have no idea how to get points. How? A: For 2VS2 you have to play 2VS2 and win the fight. Points for winning: 20 Points for losing: 0. You need at least 2 players in a team to play. If you accept and and they leave it will be like 1VS2. If your enemy leaves the fight and there partner leave you will win with no atacking. Q: How much does the ship cost? A: 40,000 diamonds (save diamonds or buy diamonds).
    For getting a good guild. You can get guild boats and decks and items for invasion. Higher the level more discount on gold items at the merchant. Sometimes guilds help with arena.They order you to a certain arena sometimes. Lucked out you can find a good partner. Only 2 ships are from guilds. Frostbrand and the Pally. Also different servers do different things. Also matters what ship you have to get the grand ship. Like me I have a level 28 Fist Of Icegard on the server of US1. Happy to help. Anything else I can help you with not said? :)
  8. leonidas60

    leonidas60 User

    if you are server EU 2 we will help you :) but you didnt say what server and about the war guild i dont know you will see what is mean war:p
  9. Troywa65

    Troywa65 User

    Us1, I don't need help. :):);) -Enstiles

    I reply to random things.
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  10. HunEss

    HunEss User

    Hello, anyone looking for player lvl25 as member into guilt?

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