How to Fix Google Chrome Flash Player Issue

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Fluffkins2013, Nov 19, 2013.

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  1. Many of you may or may not already know that chrome has an built in flash player and that it is automatically updated regularly.

    This is because the flash player conflicts with the flash player (Adobe) you may have already installed on your computer. On August 1st 2012 chrome decided to relaunch the experimental flash player "Pepper Flash" - The feedback has not been good for this flash player and it is likely the cause of lag recently.

    Note: It is recommended you have the latest version of Flash Player already installed before making changes in Chrome.

    How to fix
    1. In chrome, type in the address bar- chrome://plugins/
    2. Locate the Flash Files

    3. Expand the details by selecting the button near the top right of the page

    4. Pay attention to the location of these files and ensure you disable the correct flash players:

      • - Disable the Pepper Flash
      • - Disable either the chrome flash player or the OS flash player Not Both.
      • Please note that if you disable the chrome player then your flash player will not update automatically.

    Check that pepper flash has not been re-enabled everyday.
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