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  1. Like many of the other houses, House Pentar has its roots in piracy. Captain Abesi Goto managed to leave the treacherous world of pirates for the world of legitimate businessmen and merchant guilds thanks to a series of cunning moves.


    Abesi Goto’s childhood is primarily shrouded in mystery. The only thing that is known about him is that he grew up in a village in the jungle, where his father taught him the ways of killing and hunting swiftly and silently. Goto has since become rich enough to forego hunting in the jungles to survive. He does, however, insist that all of his soldiers and warriors possess his same abilities.


    Goto first made a name for himself as a fearsome pirate captain. A specialist in the ways of weapons for as long as anyone can remember, Goto was known for having a propensity to attack ships with large caches of weapons. Contrary to other captains, Goto refused to sell them on the black market, opting to add them to his personal stockpile instead. He continued this practice until he had amassed so much that he was able to resell them all at the same time and use the proceeds to buy his way into the merchant guild.

    The underhanded trick

    With a single, crafty move, Goto was able to ruin his greatest competitors in the arms trade. He did this by circumventing the black market and going straight to their customers, and offering them weapons so far under the standard asking price that even the most skeptical customers could not refuse. A man of principal, Goto paid meticulous attention to keeping the weapons in mint condition. After collecting pistols and other arms for years and years, Goto was able to use this cache of weapons to undersell the competition for months on end.

    The founding of House Pentar

    After effectively ruining his competitors, Goto bought out each of them one by one. As soon as he was finished, he significantly increased the asking price for his goods. His weapons monopoly firmly in place, no one could protest. He founded the Merchant House Pentar and selected the panther for his coat of arms, as it embodies the fighting might of his house, as well as its stealthy nature … A nature that spells trouble for anyone bold enough to attempt an attack on one of their ships.


    Although its tradition is directly rooted in the ways of the pirate, Goto and his merchants are always clad in the most elegant of cloths. No material is too fine and no price too great, and good luck seeing them in the same robes twice. Abesi Goto is considered a thorn in the side of most other merchant houses, as his pirate past is not so easily overlooked. But no matter for Goto, his house is recognized everywhere because men the world over rely on Goto’s weapons.
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