House Buthu

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  1. Ben Buthu, leader of House Buthu, was always a savvy spice merchant. His career started as a young, industrious merchant in small desert villages, taking his modest cart of spices throughout the region. His region was marked by deserts and steppes, and the inhabitants of the villages were just as dependent on Buthu’s goods as he was on their money.


    Ben Buthu was also a skilled and dedicated backgammon player. One day, as he was playing just on the other side of his cart, the Lord of the region came by and challenged Buthu to a match. Buthu beat the Lord handily time and time again, while the bets increased with each match. By the time the evening was done, the Lord had lost half of his belongings and even his title.

    Lord overnight

    The former Lord cried wolf, demanding Buthu’s head from his accompanying guards immediately. The guards, however, witnessed everything and refused to carry out the order, as there was nothing they despised more than refusing to pay off one’s debts. This all led to Ben Buthu becoming a Lord overnight who possessed of a massive fleet of ships.

    The assassins

    Buthu’s merchant house grew and grew over the years. But there was only one problem – many of the smaller vendors immediately fled as soon as they owed him anything. To combat this scourge to his business, Buthu had a portion of his guards trained as assassins able to carry out their crafts in the far reaches of the world. Soon after, no one refused to pay off their debts as fleeing was futile. The assassins soon had the gruesome reputation of eating children and skinning their victims alive. Although it was nothing more than an old wives’ tale, it served Buthu well, as everyone now paid on time.


    The assassins of House Buthu today are both feared and awed. Their stealthy attacks and poison darts are more deadly than anything any other warrior can wield. Their ships may fall prey to many a pirate attack since their spices are a commodity worth their weight in gold, but retaliation is a matter of course for House Buthu. Pirates bold enough to attack a ship in House Buthu’s fleet know better than to leave any witnesses behind. For the assassins of House Buthu are always lying in wait.
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