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    Hog is currently seeking active players on the us1 server. We are a very active guild that enjoys helping new players to the game and to our guild. Teamspeak is preferred but not mandatory, if circumstances prevent you from getting just let us know the reason and we can work around it.
    We make sure that our members have all the knowledge they need in order to grow and succeed in the game and the help they need if they are having issues in game.
    We make sure we plunder islands as needed to make sure our members are able to build things in the guild island. Also we make sure we are in top 10 each month, so that our new members have the guild rewards that they need ( guild decks , Pallidans and invasion points : when available)
    If you want to be part of our family please put in an app, please make sure you include your player level, what boat you currently have and if you can get teamspeak.
    Thank you and happy hunting and as always smooth sailing
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    hi btw you have not put which server you are on so how would new players know if your on there server
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    WOW Impressive video lol
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    First off, you should let people know that S-D had a HUGE impact on that defense. Without them we would have had the plunder points. ;) But I must say, well done on the video and music choices to go along with it. I have no problem with the alliances you have and it is ALWAYS a great battle when we go into your island. Looking forward to many more epic battles!


    nice video :)

    LINK PARK much dough! ;)
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