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  1. brutality

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    HOG is a level 50 guild and are always looking for active players, whether it is a new player to the server and who want to learn the game or any seasoned players that are looking for something different and that want to be part of family, We are a very tight guild who look out for our own in every way possible.
    We have lots of fun and we do use Teamspeak (this is Not required but encouraged) as this will help us to help you. Also it adds a whole new side of the game.
    We are 1 of most active guilds on US1 server and we always have players online, so no matter what times you can play there will always be someone here to work with and answer any questions you might have.
    We make sure we plunder islands as needed to make sure our members are able to build things in the guild island. Also we make sure we are in top 10 each month, so that our new members have the guild rewards that they need ( guild decks , Pallidans and invasion points : when available)
    So if your looking for an active guild who has been around long enough to know how to play and can show you many of the subtle things that will makes things easier, which will lead to you growing faster while making fewer mistakes that can and will cost you farther into the game.
    If this sounds like something you would like to be part of get with anyone from HOG and we will get you all set up. And if you are not sure, thats fine also. Come to TS if you have it and see what we are about and if you don't have or cant get TS thats fine also you can always either join and see how it goes from there or just ride with us and see where and how it goes.
    If this sounds like what your looking for then please put in an app, please make sure you include your player level, what boat you currently have and if you can get teamspeak.
    Thank you and happy hunting and as always smooth sailing
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  2. SirEthan

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    Hey i was just talking in chat with Eddy and Tshot and they referred me to you guys! I'd love to join HOG. I'm super active (online daily) and am dedicated to the game so I'll be around for a long time. Still new though so I will need help and guidance. Hope you accept me :D Thanks for your time!
  3. EddyJazz

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    Since you mentioned my name and is pretty much correct what you said about our li'l chat I can just endorse Brutality's presentation. Hope to see you with us soon. Remember it takes some time after you drop your actual Guild for applying to a new one. :)
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  4. Jmababa

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    Can i join new to game saw you guyz in chat and spoke to you hope you can help me get new ship large frigate or frigate fast
  5. Jmababa

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    Same name here and ingame adict mode there also lvl 19
  6. brutality

    brutality User

    you wouold be welcome in hog, and as far as ships, better to save diamonds for better ships,
    apply and we wil accept it
    and no.1ring, noone puts down other guilds here, so why dont you be respectful and do the same
  7. whats hogs ts info can some one send me it in a message
  8. Troywa65

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    Thank you. -Enstiles
  9. brutality

    brutality User

    hunter3 hogwildpirates.net:7024
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