Hi all, I appear to be Back

Discussion in 'Who is Who - The Players' started by FlameReaver, Jun 4, 2014.

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Flame is a Sexy cat

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  1. It seems that the winds have blown me back to pirate storm, they seem to have blown all the money outa my bank account at the same time......hmmmmm..... i wonder if these 2 things could be linked. Seriously though .Hi to all my old friends if you still play/mod (u know who u are) and Hi to any new friends i am yet to make. I play on EUR 2 as i always have. If you do too i will see u around. If you are a new player and you see me on global I am always avalible to help you, however much has changed since i last sailed these seas!
  2. Fluffkins

    Fluffkins User

    FlameReaver!! :D Glad to see the winds have blown you back to the PirateStorm world again mate :)

    Yea you have missed a little bit since being gone but im sure that wont take you long to learn again, you should enjoy the Workshop ;) (a FAQ on this can be found by clicking Here)

    Happy Sailing :)
  3. Thank you Fluffy...might have missed u too ;)
  4. Fluffkins

    Fluffkins User

    I missed you as well mate, sinking you that is ;) Glad to see your back.

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