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  1. How can I get diamonds fast without making a purchase?
  2. perez_099

    perez_099 User

    Hi Pirate, the best way to get diamonds is with the snakes events, these usually come out "often", about 3 times a month or so, you can get a lot of diamonds by killing them, about 20k being a normal player. Besides, we have the giants, go out 4 times a day, at this hour in Spain (5h, 11h, 17h, 23h) they usually give you diamonds in boxes and pretty good consumables, besides that when you kill them they give you a lot of diamonds, the colossus of Dune Sea and Oasia (which is the small one) gives 1,2k of diamonds, the big one of Frozen Hells and Endless Ice never got to kill it so I don't know. Those include the main sources of diamonds, plus daily missions, such as those of the sands that are caki 1k daily, among other more missions. In addition, there are mini bosses on the rock, rikiki and baku maps (the most accessible) that give you about 100 diamonds every 1 and come out every few minutes. Those are my tips plus the daily pharming that you can do about 5k, on maps like rikiki or baku, depend of your damage.

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