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  1. Hi I would like some moderator to help me.
    i am not making pvp points, and i am not in the pvp ranking.
    I already sent to support and they said to come here on the forum.


    We continually strive to answer inquiries as quickly as possible. In
    order to do this however, we also need your support. Please keep in mind
    when sending us your inquiry that we are responsible for technical

    We take care of problems such as:

    • Applications of moderators

    • Transaction errors

    • Complaints about a moderator

    • And all other technical problems to your ACCs

    The forum is available for further questions such as:

    • Questions and complaints about an update or an event (please refer to the relevant and appropriate discussion area here)

    • Positive and negative feedback about updates

    • Suggestions for the game

    • General questions about the game

    Since your problem can be taken care of in the forum/chat, I'd ask you to refer to the appropriate section there.

  2. WaterWillow

    WaterWillow Team Leader Team Pirate Storm

    Ahoy Mavis_Vermilion,

    Please see the following previous post concerning PVP Points.

    In general, a player must earn more PVP Points from sinking others, than they lose from being sunk.

    Happy Sailing!
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  3. I think this is having problems with my account, it is different from what is shown in this post:

    how do i get someone to check it out for me?
    or can i send photos to a moderator? I don't understand this new pvp system, I still think it's a problem in my account, because I haven't played for so long, I sank a lot of boats this week but I still don't appear in the weekly rank, maybe I should wait to close the monthly count to check it out ?

    Thank you for your help WaterWillow ^^
  4. Jolly-Bonesjack

    Jolly-Bonesjack Moderator Team Pirate Storm

    Ahoy Mavis_Vermilion

    If you sink an opponent, you'll be given PvP points for the overall ranking, PvP points for the PvP season as well as skulls. Please note: If your ship is sunk, you can also lose some of the PvP points, PvP points and skulls you've collected! The number of skulls/points lost is a percentage of the skulls/points which your opponent receives from you.
    You'll lose points and skulls when another player sinks your ship. You'll also lose PvP and PvP Season points for being inactive over a longer period of time. The longer you are inactive, the higher the loss shall be. Important:
    There's a solution however: If you take a vacation, fall sick or can't play for any other reason, you can visit the merchant and buy PvP protection which is valid for 7 or 14 days. Once this protection is activated, you won't lose any PvP points due to inactivity. But remember, protection shall be lifted the moment you partake in any type of PvP activity. This includes shooting at a PvP opponent or being shot at yourself! We recommend activating the item in the port in order to ensure that you won't be attacked after activating it!
    You do not get PvP or skulls for sinking Ahabs or sinking opponent when you are in a Ahab.

    Is there anything else we may help you with?

    Happy Sailing!
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  5. You can Close the topic, that's all for now.
    if the problem is not solved I will return here in the section again.
    Thank you ^^
  6. Jolly-Bonesjack

    Jolly-Bonesjack Moderator Team Pirate Storm

    ~~Question Answered~~

    ~~Thread Closed~
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