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Discussion in 'Who is Who - The Players' started by ROARY, Nov 22, 2013.

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  1. ROARY

    ROARY User

    I'm sure everyone on EU1 know me... so Hi!
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  2. Hi

    On Eu1 ? maybe except me o_O
  3. .Ð1™

    .Ð1™ User

    Lol I think I know you too. :)
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  4. ROARY

    ROARY User

    And I think I know you too. @.Ð1™ ;)
  5. J3$V!N

    J3$V!N User

    Hello Roary! Nice to meet ya:)
  6. ROARY lol nice name bud and nice to know you and im at EU2 if u ever plan to play at EU2 U are MORE THAN WELCOME THERE my friend ;)
  7. Helloo :3

    MISTICO User

    sin we wanted a bridge dedicated on cord
  9. phil1985

    phil1985 User

    hi nice meeting you
  10. ROARY

    ROARY User

    Hi Hi hi :)
  11. hi Roary,I have see you on the DE 1 Server
  12. RobinChris

    RobinChris User


    I am new:)

    and I am sad:(
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  13. ROARY

    ROARY User

    Hello Robin, Welcome to pirate storm, Dont be sad be happy :)
  14. Not me.
    But maybe I will.:)
  15. ROARY

    ROARY User

    Hello roshanmalla! It is a very good game, if you need anything be sure to give me a shout :)
  16. Ok.
    N btw my pirate name is ‏‡बाबू‡ßäßµ‡
  17. ROARY

    ROARY User

    Thats a nice name :)
  18. Blackzerto

    Blackzerto User

    hey babu its me.. were in the same guild!
  19. .SWIFTY.

    .SWIFTY. User

    I'm not on your server! :cool:

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