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Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by Șß☠ώΘΘɖεɴ☠ιεĢ, May 15, 2020.

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  1. First of all how you all doing and as i can see the game is not dead its still active at least in europe 2 i say europe 2 because its a clean server and thanks to support i hope they keep this hand and let it clean as it has been this year and hope they continue to keep it clean.Another question does somebody have any idea when The 5 Great Pirate tournament start?
  2. [EVO]JandT

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    I can't tell you when, I'm sorry, I share the words you said with you, it's an excellent eurpa2 server we hope you continue like this :)
  3. 25/5 propably
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  4. Estack

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    I am the king of pirates on Europa 2 unfortunately I have to contradict you, the server is dead if you turn for the maps you rarely see people, except in the maps where there is the daily quest of the daily exercises.
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  5. perez_099

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    In eu3 the people is active.
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