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    Ahoy Captains,

    Every year on Halloween three terribly sinister creatures briefly come out of hiding to haunt the seas. So take heed out there once again this year − your lives are at stake! The Headless Prince and his ghastly fleet are a real threat to all frigates and brigantines. Madame Noir will ruthlessly hunt down any pirate ship which dares to enter her territory. The Moloch is a creature of pure darkness that will stop at nothing to plummet the world into chaos, even if it means losing its own forces.

    This Halloween you can get your hands on the one-and-only Godfather Death ships. The merchant’s got them back on sale as well as a terror deck for this ships, too. On the spooky bonus maps, you can win yourself a Halloween Discount for the Godfather Death ship in battle.

    Hoist the sails and chart a course to collect “Grinning death” event cannonballs. You’re going to need them on your scary adventures at sea!

    Start: 2023-10-24 12:00:00
    End: 2023-11-07 11:59:50

    Your Pirate Storm Team

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