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Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by ANIKHTE, Oct 21, 2014.

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    ANIKHTE User

    seriously event started and you put half day on improvements???
    so lets see something that cost 25k now they can be bought for 12.5k
    so according to the company people will rush to buy the ship for 100k so they buy deck for 12.5k for a total of 112.5k diamonds
    if they wait last day the get ship 0 diamonds and deck 25k for a total for 25k

    o yesss
    who will use this exceptional offer???

    why i have a feeling this half day is rather a bad joke played on players
    instead of actually helping them??
    it will be the same if they did not put half day at all

    And lets not forget 2 days before the event started we had half day in ammo.
    So i imagine this event will not have an opportunity to buy ammunition half price.
    So now we are left with half day in consumables which you can put when event is over.
    Thus making it the first event with no half day :)
    Out of the 3 half days the 2 are not there for this event :)
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  2. Blackzerto

    Blackzerto User

    I like your profile pic :)
  3. vino

    vino User

    i agree
    this happens :-( & i feel sad at time [ hoping to get a half price da & end up getting none ]
  4. blackzerto you look like sasuke lol :D
    vino likes this.

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