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  1. Guild Islands
    Note: You must be a level 5 guild before you can create your guild island. Once you are level 5, you must then decide where you want to build your Island, this is very important as you cannot change the zone your island is in once it is built.

    Building Your Island
    --------------------------------------------------------Step 1:
    Below you will see the profile button, once you click it you will see the image below. Now move to step 2.


    --------------------------------------------------------Step 2: You now can see the guild icon below, click it and move to step 3.


    --------------------------------------------------------You will now see the guild page. It has a checklist which will show you the four requirements your guild needs before you can create your guild island. Below you will see an "X" on the guild level 5 requirement, this means you have yet to qualify in that area and cannot build your island.


    The Three million in gold required to buy the guild island must be in the personal account of the player purchasing the island. This person must be the guild founder or the admiral at the time of the purchase.
    -------------------------------------------------------Step 3: Now that you have met all requirements you will see the image below, click the buy button and move to step 4. [​IMG]

    Before you buy your island you will get a warning letting you know that the harbor you are in is where you will have to enter your island from unless you have a premium or gold membership as seen below, choose wisely!



    Step 4: Now that you have bought your island, you will now see the enter button as seen below, click it to enter the harbor of your island.


    You are now ready to enjoy another great addition to PirateStorm!

    Note: More information on the icons shown in the picture below is forth coming.[​IMG]
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