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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Death_and_Taxes, Jan 13, 2014.

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  1. WinstonMan

    WinstonMan User

    It would be possible to do so. My main point was that a cooldown could be bypassed with the use of multiple guilds. It isn't a solution and could even result in a worse situation. I just don't think a cooldown would have the desired effect you are looking for unfortunately. :(
  2. thats true totally agree
  3. Its funny when a team beats another at there own game how they whine.
    i have seen a certain guild go from no points to 20+ k in a few days maybe 3 days? there is no record of active guilds on the water or in global to supply certain guilds with points like a revolving door.
    we in the alliance are protecting our points for our members so they may build things ot become stronger and competive.
    the idea for a cool down is flawed example
    if i was allied with guild 'A' guild 'C' and 'D' we each could in efect end our alliance one at a time or pair up to cover eachother with the other coalitions teams to defend them. the higher the guild the less points you loose or have a baby guild take us out. so no points for you lol.

    i love the idea of being able to block other guilds from getting my points. So this said i suggest yu get your timing down and be online 24/7 to catch us before use a blocking strategy. remember you may do this to us as well. its a covering move. Oh being in a high level guild is great 150 point loss is so awsome. BP looks at it like this i spend money on rums to build my fortress up just in case your smart enough or lucky enough to catch me off guard douring the blocking tactic.

    if i was bp i would make a loss of isalnd every 8 hrs that way it could be attacked 2 times a day no counting the 8 hr self parley. This way they make more money off rumming it up i have 1k rums and wil get more to insure my guild has what it needs to foil other guilds plans against us.
    weather its a block or a loss by another guild. cutting eachothers supply lines stops us from attacking your guilds as well when you become avalabe as we will not come off parley until our island is rumed up. its all about timeing. so suck it up buttercup.

    i love the idea
  4. lol. It does not matter if we are online all the time or not. Your alliance ends the parleys early and hit each other just to "block" us from getting points. There is no way to stop this unless you have someone actually clicking attack 24 hours each day and luck out getting in. A cool down is a more sensible way to fix this issue. It would also stop any guild from getting 20k points in 2-3 days from one guild.
  5. Please read through all of my posts (the ones still here and intact)... I've stated that we would prefer to do away with the ally portion of the game entirely. I don't believe that decision would happen over night so an interim move would be that if you are allied at ANY time during the month you can not attack one another. At this point, I'll take whatever I can get. Everyone is proud of themselves for exploiting a part of the game - and let there be no doubt about it - it is pure exploitation to drop allegiances to swap points.

    At this point I would like everyone following to respond about whether they would like to see ANY change to the guild ally system. Not a specific change but... something... anything. If you would, please state it here and ask everyone you know that is of like mind to do the same.
  6. xxmipxx

    xxmipxx User

    i agree with WinstonMan. 2 days will not help.

    1. if you drop out a diplo, you have 24 hours cooldown before you can attack that guild. you break with.

    2. BP need to change the system how to get plunder point. if a lower ( ranget guild and guild lvl ) attack a lvl 50 guild, the should have more point.

    if a lvl 50 guild will change point to get the perley.
    and the change with a lvl 16 guild.

    the lvl 16 guild will maybe get 2000 point,
    and the lvl 50 guild will get 100 point..

    so there is no longer a point to change point there.

    And. make it like a battlefild. more guild can attack the same island. but the guild with most Hit point on the island will win...

    that mean if your guild will change point de will never be sure... maybe there will be more guilds attacking the same island ;-)
  7. lol jugg we're not expecting anything to be changed over night or even this month. Just want to get the idea buzzing around. I personally think there needs to be a cool down on it because I don't agree with being able to drop an ally swap points and re-ally all within a few minutes. Lots of guilds have done this in the past just not to the extent that we're seeing now.


    NOT to this extent? don't make me laugh GC. its the same as BF no one can win bf unless they play and ungodly amount of hours. i have played one bf seriously and gave up because a single player/s never sleeps but if (edit) play the same game your ally have played it will need changing in your eyes also. Quote (not to the extent that we're seeing now) only when (edit) start to do what have been done by your ally it will reach the level that need to be changed. You can bet that bf will be filled with those 24/7 players but that's also nothing to worry about yet (edit)? same goes for Arena.
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  9. So you don't want a cool down because of arena and bf issues? Stay on point here jugg, yes to this extent. I've never seen 4 allies stay under parley this much before and just swap points with each other. It kills the game play, everyone likes attacking and defending islands. It takes away one of the few things a guild can actually do as a group.
  10. get rid of allys period its ridiculous should be guild against guild


    having nothing to lose means it doesn't hurt us GC that is why our alliance haven't started a thread like this.
  12. Guys...Stop complaining about these things, everyone knows Bp ain't gonna fix it. so why waste time?
    Just concentrate on the game and forget about the guilds that do what D&T said. Have fun on the water, And don't forget (Alot of peeps forget) that this is a game made for fun and entertainment.;);)
  13. lol we can't exactly forget about the guilds that do this starscream...they are the only guilds we're able to hit. And I don't feel that it's a waste of time to try and change something to better the game. Would you not agree that it would make sense to have a cool down period when you drop an ally?
  14. -SparkY-

    -SparkY- User

    It's a loophole that needs to be closed. The big picture is that if it isn't, the game will be boring and start losing players.
  15. Well Gc those guilds that do that are cheaters (and you know who i am talking about) and frankly we can't do anything about it, its all up to Bp to do what you guys said, They prolly won't even look at this thread, the only thing left is to hope that those guilds that are doing this will stop and start playing fair:(:(
  16. Fine - close thread mods. You guys continue to block points (although that strategy didn't work tonight very well), we'll continue to build whatever we want the entire month with no break, keep our guild gold at 2 billion, and also help to deny you arena wins and bf wins. Great thinking on your part.
  17. KnuX

    KnuX User

    How about a guild lvl guild ally limit once you hit 15-20 or whatever you can't ally anymore or some sort of reduction, say 5 allies to start then 4 at 15 3 at 25 2 at 45 you get where i'm going :)
  18. emmcanuck

    emmcanuck User

    I think all would agree that one of the best parts of this game is the guild island attacks, it is definitely one of the things I look forward to daily. Of course, now due to the alliances, it is not a daily activity unless you are extremely lucky. While there are pros and cons to all the suggestions on how to rectify the problem, the one thing most would agree on, is it has made the game a little less enjoyable without being able to attack and defend the guild island for these long periods of time.

    That being said, I don't believe ending the conversation is the solution either. There are a lot of smart people on this server, and surely there is some type of improvement that can be made to improve this aspect of the game.

    But, when all go quiet, nothing will happen for sure.
  19. This is kind of a wild idea, but what if the system is changed, so that you don't lose points when you're plundered?

    -You can only plunder a guild twice a day
    -3 hour attack ban
    -6 hour cooldown on % of points earned
    -12 hour parley once plundered instead of 24
    -8 hour parley changed to 6 hours
    -All times on buildings and monsters cut by half
    -Number of maximum allies lowered to 2-3 (could depend on guild lvl, with lower lvl guilds having more or even a point system of some type.. maybe lvl 5 guild=1 point, lvl 50 guild=5 points and all guilds being allowed 5 points)
    -Once a guild island peace treaty is accepted, it cannot be dropped for 2 weeks
    -3 day attack ban on any guild you(or they) drop peace treaty with
    -1 week cooldown to add a peace treaty to a recently dropped guild ally
    -Points received would reverse, giving more points for plundering a lvl 50 guild as opposed to a lvl 5 guild.**
    -items unlocked in the guild workshop would need to be altered, to fit the new system better (maybe lowered, since you would get more points from lvl 50 guilds, than lvl 5 guilds)

    ** I'm not quite sure about it reversing completely.. maybe it would depend on your guild lvl, and the other guild's lvl (more points from a higher lvl guild and less from a lower lvl guild).
    An example.. a lvl 50 guild plunders a lvl 5 guild and gets 150 points.

    Like I said... crazy idea, but with some refining, I think it would be a lot of fun.
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