Guild Ally Cool Down

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Death_and_Taxes, Jan 13, 2014.

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  1. Please put a cool down for guild ally attacks. A guild should not be able to defend their allies, drop the alliance, then attack the same guild they defended to block plunder points. The system is ridiculous the way it is now and is being abused. Don't start with an hour then change it later... go straight for the 2 day. Better yet, if you are allied at any time during the month then you can't attack each other.

    Either that or get rid of allies altogether.
  2. KnuX

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    rest of the month for sure
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  3. deebo13

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    Is complete nonsense that allies can swap points when they are supposed to be "joined forces" to defend each other yet they attack each other and do not defend so they can swap points to get each others points. Makes the game hard to play when in a guild fighting for real to be #1 and have other guilds just swapping points. MUST be changed to make it more accurate.
  4. spider7431

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    I agree it is not right for them to trade please put cool down on
  5. I'm guessing we'll get no comment from the super alliance that has been feeding off each other all month? It's really sad when the smallest guild in the alliance doesn't repair to give max points to the next smallest so they can pass it up the chain.
  6. I agree. Guild island attacks are far and few between as it is. When 5 of the top 10 guilds are allied and all they do is swap points with each other and stay under parley it's even more ridiculous. This needs fixed asap. It's hard to get new players interested in the game when all they can do is farm.
  7. I think it's wrong too D&T, but hasn't your ally done something close to the same thing? I believe they even tried to feed your guild points last month, so that the strongest of the super alliance you're talking about wouldn't finish in 1st.

    Until something is changed, all you can do is figure out how to manipulate the point system better than the enemy.
  8. Apparently you don't pay much attention - we finished in 2nd place at the end of the month. No one fed us points to get there - we took them from the super alliance all month long. At the last hour of the last day the super alliance passed points back and forth without repairing to make a huge jump into first place. We only tried to block their run.

    Your idea of "manipulating the system" could otherwise be known as "exploiting" the system and exploits are against the TOS for the game. I contend what is happening now is not the desired result of game play the developers intended thus could be considered cheating.

    We'd honestly prefer a server that is ally free.
  9. Rikidou

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    When there is a cooldown on people leaving a guild, why shouldn't there be a cooldown when one guild leaves a alliance. Otherwise, the samething happens, you get guilds that abuse the alliance system by droping the alliance to attack their alliance for points and then going back to being allies. This is clearly an abuse of the alliance system. It should be fixed by putting a cooldown.
  10. a cool down is in order for allies
  11. djhowie

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    (edit) are allied ONLy because of the alliance of (edit) & 2 other guilds. We in (edit) guilds have NOT dropped our cease fire once since we started this alliance on the 1st of January and then traded hitting each other's guilds. (edit) & 2 other guilds in their alliance that they have had for 2 months now. They have now been dropping their cease-fires when their 24 hour parley is almost up and then attack each other to give themselves another 24 hour parley. They do this to keep other guilds from hitting them. If they do not have one of those first listed attack them then they have their "baby guilds", (edit) hit them for the 24 hour parley. This Needs to STOp!! These guild islands were not made to have this happen. It is Destroying pirate storm and sucking every bit of the fun out of the guild islands.
    Sometimes they will attack (edit) and have one of the smaller guilds or one that we can not hit from the alliance attack them so we can not go and attack them back. There needs to be a TWO (2) DAY cool down on dropping a cease fire and being able to put the cease fire back in place once they have dropped it. Or make it where if they drop their alliance that they can NOT put It back in place for the rest of the month. This needs to be FIX NOW!!! They are exploiting a glitch in the game that is unfair and unjust! If this is not fixed there will be more people leaving the game because the islands are one of the most exciting parts of the game. (edit) only do this because they can not figure out how to do basic strategy and defend or go and attack to at least break even on the points they are going to lose. They are all almost level 50 now and they can NOT even defend against a small force of us even with all of their allies because their leaders are incompetent and have no leadership skills.
    At least just make it fair where they can not gum up the top 6 and keep all the lower guilds out of making the top ten at all. The other smaller guilds are the ones I am most worried about because they will just give up and stop playing because they can not attack a guild that has that many allies. If you at least made it where they can not put a cease fire back in then they will not be able to put each other on a permanent 24 hour parley.
    (edit) have all worked incredibly hard to build up our guilds. We all work as a team in each guild. That is why we have so much success in the guild islands. It is not our fault that they can not figure anything out. Please take care of this ASAP before this game completely dies from all of the smaller guilds giving up on playing because they can not get anywhere.

    Thank you from your PAYING customers!
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  12. I agree a cool-down needs to be put In place or do away with allies all together
  13. *-SINBAD-*

    *-SINBAD-* User

    I agree a 2 day cool down needs to be put in place for alliances or do away with them all together.

    If guilds enter into an a alliance it should apply to open water as well as guild Islands.
  14. Kensington

    Kensington User

    I support the idea of a 2 day (minimum) cooldown on guild alliances.
  15. I know, that no one fed you points, but your new ally (even if you weren't allies at the time) did try to feed you points to keep the super alliance from finishing first.. If it had been my guild in you or your ally's position, I would have done the same. I am just saying, until things are fixed, you may have to beat them at their own game. Personally, I think losing without stooping to their level of play, would be far better, but that really depends on what lengths you'll go to, to win.

    I totally agree about the ally free server! I'm in EVL after all Lol!
  16. rtp099

    rtp099 User

    I think it's impressive that 2 or more guilds can actually communicate so effectively to make this happen while following all the rules. Otherwise, explain to me how these guilds manage to progress and be in the top 10? It can't be because they just swap invasions as both wouldn't advance in invasion points, so logic dictates that they must be well organized and able to attack others as well in order to be in the top 10. That would also mean they would be open to be attacked.

    As for your notion of lower guilds, nothing is stopping them from creating alliances and doing the same thing. Of course, that requires hard work, communication and team work as well so given your statements about your own guild, you should be amply capable of doing so.
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  17. JoeyEU2

    JoeyEU2 User

    i support this EU2 has the same problem. it makes the game borning since we cant attack anyone. i dont want the alliance system going away but i think there needs to some way to stop alliance attacking one another.
  18. Fluffkins

    Fluffkins User

    This is not a discussion thread, if you do not agree or disagree then please do not comment, any posts breaking this will be deleted.

    Thank you.
  19. WinstonMan

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    Well I guess everyone ain't got their thinking caps on. lol What u think is going to happen with a 2 day cool down. You really think this will solve this problem (not my perception but that of the above posters). It won't what instead this will result in is the top ten being even more clogged up with baby guilds to achieve the same results. Putting a cap such as the one u suggest will not fix the issue, to address that you will actually need to change the mindset or the ones doing it find a better methodology) . They would easily keep doing what they do except with multiple guilds. Think about it, if you have 5 allies with 5 baby guilds, each would interchange with the next so they can lock in parleys. U think theyd care theyd be pushing real crews out via their method... they dont at the moment so that aspect wouldnt change. lol You'll just end up with a maximum of 5 real crews in top ten...

    Im not up for the ally parley thing but your idea is kind of lame. Think of a better idea and follow it through maybe. No offence. lol

    Winstonman us1
  20.'re suggesting that baby guilds are able to keep their plunder points high enough to stay in the top 10. Our issue is that one alliance holds 4 of the top 6 spots which when they continually swap points and stay under parley, we means the other 2 guilds have no one to hit. If they swap who they ally with that would be fine. The main issue is that they are basically blocking anyone outside their alliance from being able to gain any plunder points.
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