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  1. Hello to all.
  2. sauce

    sauce User

    Hello, which server do you play on?
  3. Hi, sauce. USA 1
  4. sauce

    sauce User

    If you haven't been playing long, I would urge you to move to eu1 since there are more active players here.

    ANIKHTE User

    move to eu4
    we are fewer but better
  6. sauce is correct---euro1 is *THE* hot server. ANIKHTE should come to euro1, too :p

    Either way, hate to say it but US1 is dying, dead, rigormortis set in. You can't get battlegrounds there, can't get 2v2 in arena and not very often even a 1v1 lately. If you are new there, just come to euro1. We can get you going pretty fast--it is rare but when our battlegrounds say they are full they really are full, not postponed because there aren't 16 players on the entire server. Our arena will keep you hopin plus almost every afternoon there is a port war in either z15 and/or z20. A little different informal rules than in US1 which is far more polite in port wars than euro1. If you just want to test your ship/new equipment and arms go to bearground on off times and hang out below the portal. Peeps go there to duel.

    There are some really good guilds on euro1 and I could recommend a couple depending on what you want to accomplish. YOP, PLC, MHO, I-P, BZO, TEG, GOC, WCB, VOH, VWZ, ART, GOC are all good guilds and a plus if you speak a language other than English. Most require teamspeak, not all though. These are active guilds that are consistently in top ten-12. If you want to develop your skills, get that guild deck and/or paladin, these are good to apply to and usually have folks chatting in English global that you can talk to before applying.

    If you just want to peas the world off, join BOS :D:p:D:p:D:p:D:p:D:p:D
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  7. I might give it a look. Thanks, you guys.

    ANIKHTE User

    good luck
    may you will command a ship
    and not a submarine
    submarine dhuka report for the bottom of the sea
  9. BOS sounds like fun.
  10. Think it might do me some good to bulk up a bit.;)
  11. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ LOL, well, have fun. They are stinkers but you will definitely get pvp action wherever you go on euro1with those tags. That guild has a few people that have come over from us1 already but it is not at all like the us1 BOS. Way different.

    I like to think of them as Buzzards Of the Sea--couldn't cut it as Eagles but not quite Chickens Of the Sea either :p

    They sink me on sight already, hehehe, may as well give them (another) reason :)
  12. What guild are you in over there? You guys looking for more peeps?
  13. PaganHorde

    PaganHorde User

    How you cant get US1 arena 2v2 if even 3v3 very small and weak players will have a lot of matches and they can win (o_O) all the time.
    week and season stats + screen



  14. sauce

    sauce User

    Definitely join eu1 if you wish to progress in the game, without skulls you can't progress. I can farm 1k skulls a day in eu1, port wars last 8 hours long from morning till evening here. :D
  15. On US1 everytime I readied up for a 1v1 I either got "game is full" message (??!) or I was matched against players twice my level. On eu1 I have had much better luck. As I have more concentrated on plundering now, I can also recommend eu1 even more---there are active guilds of all levels in eu1.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2016
  16. hehehe....AAK ghostriders. We do take on newer players if they really want to fight--and wearing our tags can be like waving a red flag in front of a bull for some ne'er-do-well, no good, mangy pirates :p You'll get hit a lot :)
  17. It seems like there is a lot more going on over there. I'm seriously thinking about going over that way.
  18. Message me in global if you do come over. I am YellowHammer there too.
  19. Will do, YellowHammer.

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