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  1. HI! I`m Neska. I want to say goodbye to all players, I had a chance to met. I see no reason to keep playing. So good luck to all of you.
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  2. bye bye :) thx :) good continuation see u maybe one days we will a new game bcs for moment ...
  3. sory to hear that see bigpoint everybody leaving
  4. its sad to see people leave ive been here a long time game used to be great but now bp just dont care about this game which is sad they are just gonna let it die a slow death and not fix anything
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  5. Bye Neska, happy to have met u and to killed u 100 times in arena. Have a nice holidays :p
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    Myabe, Neska is not a BIG CHEATER, and he did not spend money to get his DOE or MON deck if he got one, lol, not like other player they cheat and spend money
  7. I always played for fun, so I didn`t cheat, I didn`t use some programs. Coz without fairplay there is no fun.
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    salto :D
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