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Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by Enrico63, Feb 1, 2016.

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  1. Enrico63

    Enrico63 User

    Good Evening, I've been playing Pirate Storm for 4 months now, and I wanted to post a comment.

    I have a Frigate, so it's kind of small, but anyway, when I meet a War fregate or even bigger, I don't have more than a second to respond and battle.

    Now I know it's a Pirate Game, but come on, give the player a chance, at least a couple of seconds.

    They wipe you in a blink of an eye, no time to respond.

    It's really a turn off.
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  2. *Death*

    *Death* User

    Unfortunately it's the way mate :) They just want your pvp points so they want it fast in case you disappear or something. Most people will only sink you once per 24 hours as that's when the timer resets to gain pvp points off you again. So best thing is just try to put up with it or go in maps which are less populated :)
  3. Enrico63

    Enrico63 User

    Thank you very much mate.