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  1. leonidas60

    leonidas60 Forum-Greenhorn

    Hi we are a new guld under new command !!!we are almost 13 level with big aliances and we accept active players no matter levels, there we will help you:)
    Sorry for the other post it was by mistake
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  2. rocket

    rocket Forum-Greenhorn

    Hi i was saw you today in arena i dont know if you were but it was a destroyer with a paladin both of them gfk me and my firend were two gladiators lvl 45 and 43 maybe you rip us down :p we will send friend
  3. leonidas60

    leonidas60 Forum-Greenhorn

    yes sorry :p of course you can join
  4. assassin150301

    assassin150301 Forum-Greenhorn

    i'm new pirate.....
    can teach me how to be a pro.....
  5. georgekiller

    georgekiller Forum-Greenhorn

    so after a small break of summer we are 17 level with big allies and we are close to level 18 we have form 0 plaeces only 5 positions empty so whoever want to have fun and to be part of gfk he can send reply:;);)
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  6. georgekiller

    georgekiller Forum-Greenhorn

    so after some battles with the big guilds (level 50),we are offcially in the 3 months of gfk creator on top 10 guilds ,the top 10 succed with our allies and the power of gfk :)
  7. YellowHammer

    YellowHammer Forum Mogul

    I used to play on that server but i would be ashamed to apply with the newbie account I have there :(
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  8. T.U.N.I.C.K.O.N

    T.U.N.I.C.K.O.N Count Count

    Hello all body

    Is a international guild or only Greek ( Grecia ) guild ?
  9. rocket

    rocket Forum-Greenhorn

    hello again we are glad to announce that all players return to our main familly ...we are 18 players (5 dow)back on gfk familly its a guild for all not only greek people my freind we are road to 21 level and we have allies our old freinds:)
  10. AsurA

    AsurA Forum-Apprentice

    We are not Cheaters , if you are good players come beat us in the sea or join us in the guild :) . GFK is not a Greek guild only , we have English players , Romanians , Russians and some other mates...

  11. Ashkoree

    Ashkoree Forum-Greenhorn

    Hello i am 24 lvl (half 25) ship:Large Frigate with summer set 96 cannons total
  12. savzzz

    savzzz Forum-Greenhorn

    Hello, I am from W-M but want to join a tribe where we can voice chat or communicate and in general have a good time. Do you guys have those attributes? I'm also Greek but I have no problem conversing in Enlgish, and would really like voice chat.

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