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  1. Worex

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    Why don't the developers care about the game?
    1.) Bring back PVP system
    2.) Bring back chat
    3.) Merge all the servers in one
    Then people start spending money. Please ask the developers why they don't want the money.
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  2. =nina=

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  3. raidmax

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    There are no developers in this game for many years.

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    Especially they should bring back the chat. How can we contact with each other?
  5. All of this was suggested long time ago. No one was listening then and they aren't now. The game has had no further development since I started here in 2013-14, the original developers sold out long ago. Merging the servers would cause chaos because so many have accounts on each already--plus its not like you can just flip a switch to merge. The bandwith for a monster sized, combined server would be an expensive nightmare. Chat had its problems and I do miss it but many guilds used outside chat platforms to communicat during raids. About the only thing chat was used for was to "hello" people in the world chat that you knew (or hurl juicy insults as it wasn't always moderated). Guild chat was nearly useless during raids as it often went down. I was lucky that when I started you could earn items with skulls you got from sinking other players but the game stopped that years ago--what a shame. We had rank based on how many players points you got from sinking other players, I was a Sea Lion. Ships bought with skulls gave the least number of skulls when sunk--my piranha only gave one, the goal was to sink event ships if possible, you could get 10 from some of those ships, and buy skull items. Skulls probably were stopped because you could earn them, didn't buy them like diamonds so they didn't bring profit. However, getting skulls DID keep people online clobbering each other as they were supposed to do. Now its kinda tepid, most folks use the ahab to gather npc points so they can level up--there isn't any incentative anymore to do pvp. New players could play the entire game now in safety, even make level 50, without even one pvp ship battle. Not exactly a "pirate" game anymore. However, I *am* delighted that there are actually battlefields now on most of the servers for Pirate Fest--wasn't when I last checked in a year ago. I have even gotten arena matches, and was flabberghasted. Its a sweet game, wouldn't need any "development" if it were possible to just bring back what was--seems like a new generation of users would really take to it if the old formulas were restarted, chat, skulls, skull ships, etc. Right now you are stuck either with a devastator (not that great), a desert ship, or a brig, for way too long. None of them do well in the higher maps and are poor replacements for skull ships which WERE the bridge to either event or arena ships that were the goals of most of us. At least it was before we all became npc farmers.
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    Yellowhammer told all the things i wanted to say