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  1. Well I decided to create a post here to show a little of the problems that the few pirate storm players are suffering at the moment of the game, unfortunately our dear game is no longer as exciting and fun as it once was.I will divide the subjects into two very simple and straightforward topics, followed by a possible solution:
    1-Banned accounts: I can see that many strong and good accounts are banned for 100 years, or have the ban renewed whenever they meet their punishment, well most banned accounts are banned for problems not resolved by the company or team that make the adjustments in the game.Perhaps not for the game team and neither for moderators, ICM's, in-game support in general, the game had 4 phases that made it reach its current state, 1st good season where we had many players, the game had updates and acceptable support, 2nd Optimal stage where the game was adjusted we had strong account support and accessible diamond price for everyone, a problem at that time where the game started pushing arenas (a current problem) 3rd suggestion of improvement bugs, where many left the game and that's where we got dumped by updates and support.
    Before we reach the 4th stage we have the reason why the bans are unfair, and the players are not to blame regardless of what the team puts on the terms.
    In the 3rd phase where we were abandoned by support and faced a phase where if your account was not buggy it was impossible to play. Support took a while to solve the problem, removed some items that many players lack, including boats and consumables, apart from patents. What reduced the pirate storm audience, apart from the bans that were unfair simply because we are not to blame the bug exists, and make it unplayable for those who didn't use it at the time. Okay some bans removed and we followed the game years ago. Which resulted in our 4th phase.In our 4th phase of the game we have the result of the unresolved problems of the 3rd phase. At this stage we have unfair bans, why are they unfair? I'll explain: We don't have enough players to play arenas and events like in the past, thus making it impossible to release items from arenas x2 and x3 without pushing, which generates bans on us leaving arenas frozen. I'm doing this post for myself and for more accounts banned for 100 years, 1 year, 1 month. We are paying for game errors. I hope you forward this post to ICM. Continuing...
    2-Possible solution and suggestions:
    Right here is the part where we can discuss possible solutions. Well for arenas I believe robots would be the solution, put "automatic players according to lvl" when you don't have a team with real players playing you will be paired with a team of robots, the automatic teams added points to release the items in the store but not for the arena rank, solving the pushing and the problem of not releasing the items.
    Now to the bans, reset the bans of all accounts and I believe that solving the arena problems will reduce a lot of the ban problems. Thus leaving only bans for bug enhancements and for diamond bugs.
    He left my post here, I apologize to everyone for the bad English from google translator.

    Look for a way to make the game good for new players to start playing, and balance the lunar kit.
  2. Good night dear friend, perfect idea and suggestion for so many banned accounts and few updates latam1 and all the server has been decaying because nothing new is coming, I want pvp and patent updates. Better choice would be to give a 2 chance to those banned for 100 years and 1 year, as this is killing the game with fewer players.
    Bigpoint, Update and return the old patents that all of us at Pirate Storm would like to use them.
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    Ahoy Pirates,

    The thread has been given a new title and moved to this section because it contains suggestions for the game. The Forum Team does not normally reply to this section. However, I have addressed some of the content of the thread.

    A banned account or account suspension can only be removed by Support. The Forum Team cannot access player information or discuss banned accounts.

    Below, I have provided a few of the Terms of Service rules as it relates to most banned or suspended accounts.

    The Terms of Service can be found HERE. Other Terms of Service documents can be found in the Pirate Storm Bible Index.


    • 4) If Bigpoint disables your account for a Game, you will not create another one for that same Game without our written permission.
    • 8) You will not share your password, let anyone else access your account, or take any other action that might jeopardize the security of your account.
    • 9) You are not allowed to sell or in any way transfer your account.
    • 10) You shall not have an account, use the Games, or use the Site if you have previously been removed by Bigpoint, or previously been banned from playing any of the Games.

    Prohibited activities include — but are not limited to — the following:
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    Change and clarification notice given concerning boosting & blocking can be found HERE.
    • Ban on pushing and boosting
      • The new GTC explicitly state that pushing and boosting is prohibited not only between accounts of the same users, but also between accounts of different users. This is stipulated in the interests of fairness and game enjoyment for all.
    • Ban on the use of anonymization services (e.g. proxies)
      • For accounting reasons we must ensure that we can assign payments from players to their physical location. The use of anonymization data (e.g. proxies) or other methods that conceal the player’s place of residence or habitual residence are now expressly prohibited in our games and services.
    • Blocking
      • The new GTC clearly and transparently stiuplate the circumstances that could justify a blocking of an account.
    Q: What happens if I don’t accept the GTC?
    A: Once these GTC come into effect you can decide not to agree to them. However, this means that you will no longer be able to play our games.

    Best Regards!
  4. Good night everyone at BIGPOINT, I've come to bring you an idea for those who have cheated the system a few times and nowadays want to get back on track and get on with the game's central.

    Come on, this is a subject that can be thought about and discussed.

    1 - For those who have been banned for 100 years - Make an obtention form for the unlocking player himself. Only one however, any bug or circumvented system error is a definitive ban and no return to a new area of ticket, it will be closed for those who have had a 100-year ban for the 2 time. This will be the new order, a form to rethink the game your mistakes and don't make them again.
    2 - Anyone who has been banned for 1 year will also make a form about a new way to rethink their mistake and not make it again.
    3 - Months or days ban, you will have to wait for the selected days that BIGPOINT has given you.
    4 - Pvp and patent systems, please revoke, as there are no pvp events and no news.
    5 - I entered this topic to have a good opportunity for the game to have many active players as it was in the past.
    I am a Lawyer, Accountant and Police Officer.

    #We all want the old patents and pvp system back.
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    I am a Lawyer, Accountant, and Police Officer too! I have swamp land for sale in the desert if you want to buy! :D I have never been banned.;)