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  1. jballato

    jballato User

    Another day and same old problem. If I can log in, I can't leave port without freezing up and being sunk by an NPC. When is BigPoint going to do something? This problem does not exist in the morning hours, why then is it only in the evenings that this issue starts? This issue never existed before late November, what has changed?

    I feel like I've paid for something I can't use. I want a refund of my premium or give me some months free.
  2. Wedgewood

    Wedgewood bp_phrase_Forum_Demigod

    The game team are aware of the reports. The issue has been escalated and the server will be monitored closely. However so far checks have returned no issue server wise.

    I'm sorry to hear you continue to experience these problems.
  3. Exact same issues that I had. Your description is identical to the problems I had. I sent support tracerts, pings, every piece of data and information I could collect, with no efforts from there end to resolve the issue. I even had tracerts that timed out!? Customer service was great, communication was great but no viable feedback or communication from anyone technical or from the developers. There are tons of people with this same issue and yet it has not been resolved. The mystery or phenomenon of how, who, when and why this happens to only specific players is beyond me. I will add that my last resort was to switch service providers. So far, this has been a great improvement. Although, since I have switched, there has not been an event or BF, so that will be the true test. I can say that I have not seen the freezing for minutes at a time in the evenings like Ii was before. For information, I had AT&T Uverse which is the same service I have had for years, playing this game. Something changed on the game at the end of November and these problems started occurring. There have been alot of players with this problem or are also AT&T. But once again, to keep it complicated, others are experiencing the same issues with other providers. Hope this info. helps. Don't wait on the developers or support to rectify the performance. You may be waiting a long time. I missed a many of days playing this game over the past months, no compensation whatsoever! Good luck.
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  4. Wedgewood, can you post my response to *El_Diablo* on the "The Lag and logging into the Game" thread. I think this would be useful information there as well. I know I should have posted there but the similarities to my issue and El_diablo's was identical and I wanted to respond. Thanks.
  5. Wedgewood

    Wedgewood bp_phrase_Forum_Demigod

    As requested I have done so.

    By the way it is possible to link specific posts in a thread rather than the overall thread. You may already have known this but in case you were not aware:

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    I hope this was useful in some way.
  6. Thanks Wedgewood. I will give it a shot. I have posted a response to the game lag, freezing issue on the thread "The Lag and logging into the Game". Hope this information helps others with having the same issue.
  7. Wedgewood

    Wedgewood bp_phrase_Forum_Demigod

  8. -ANNO1978-

    -ANNO1978- User

    i have been playing this game for over 2 years now and i get lag all the time and all i get from u lot it is your computer and then we will fix it well if it take this long to fix then get a team that now what thay are doing I ANT PUTTING ANY MORE MONEY IN THIS GAME I HAVE HAD IT WITH (edit)
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  9. Greatbeard

    Greatbeard User

    I have been fighting this problem for months, worrkiing with BP Support and with my Internet Service Provider. Both Tech support teams essentiially gave up after countless attempts to find the cause. It only affects a limited group of players, even when they have very high speed access and are meticulous about keeping their own systems clean. A fellow player and I (both of us are old techno nerds) appear to have found a work around that seems to work. We have started using Proxy servers (usng an online service) to fool the BP server into thinking we are comming from somewhere else. It works. The data transfer is somewhat slowere than our best through put during off peak hours, but we can actually login and play during periods where the lag/freeze/block out are at their worst without the proxy server id.
    There are several VPN services available, but the one that I am using is Cyber Ghost.

    Good Luck.
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