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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by 70MM1, Feb 18, 2015.

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  1. 70MM1

    70MM1 User

    Why is my game lagging? Is it because of the server? My computer can handle Pirate Storm fine yesterday but now it is lagging so much I can't play it. :(
  2. You need to update your Adobe Flash Player
  3. Not to contradict, Flash has very little to do with it. If you are using Chrome, like most people are, it doesn't use adobe flash it has it's own flash. I have been battling freeze and lag for several months. Past couple of days has been horrible. My machine is completely up to date.
  4. Wedgewood

    Wedgewood bp_phrase_Forum_Demigod

    Hi 70MM1,

    Sorry for the delay in replyng to your post. Would you be so kind as to tell us which server it is that you are playnig on?
  5. I am having the same issue with Lag/Freeze on US1 which started on Monday and has progressed. Takes 10 times as many attempts to log in. I managed to get logged in once or twice and I come out of port and my screen goes black! That's it. I left mine going on the spinning will for 5 minutes or more and got a new message I've never seen before, in red font "Unable to load resource-file (Code:3)". We are going backwards on performance issues! In the previous post, i wanted to comment that Chrome updates it's Flash automatically. This issue has zero connection to flash updates or flash cache. I have been battling for months. This week, starting monday has been the worst yet.
  6. Finally got logged on and selected German 1 server and my boat is cruising around like a champ! No freeze, lag! In fact, I thought I had turned all effects of due to performance issues on US1 but they were actually still on and when I popped into the German server, they all started working properly! Water Spray, clouds, etc.! Go figure!
  7. Wedgewood

    Wedgewood bp_phrase_Forum_Demigod

    Hi .FrozenDeath.,

    Is this issue still occuring for you when you attempt to load the US1 server? I.e. Unable to load resource-file (Code:3)
  8. No. Only happened several times. Had issues logging in all week though. Today, since BF is over. No issues.
  9. Wedgewood

    Wedgewood bp_phrase_Forum_Demigod

    I'm sorry to here that that was the case.
  10. I too have severe lag and freezing issues. The lag and freezing starts in the afternoon to evening times on the US1 server. The issue of completely locking up seems to be especially bad during an event... any event. When these lag and freezes get bad, I reboot and try to login again, but the Pirate Storm login screen does not even show. Just a blank screen. I can successfully open any page on the web that I have tried, but not Pirate Storm, once the freezing begins. I have followed the advice of other players by clearing cache on my browser and flash player, tried to use several different browsers, lowered my firewall completely, turned off anti-virus software, rebooting modem, contacting my ISP to check their lines and mine, confirmed that all updates have been made, and finally even re-installing my OS...twice. Nothing seems to work to resolve the issue.

    I have sent in numerous support tickets via the Big Point web site, but I do not receive any reply back. The lag/freezing and lack of reply from customer support has been occurring since the end of the Dragon Event. Can you please escalate this issue with the game developers? Let them know their support system does not appear recognize certain players, or their support team is not adequately handling the tickets and that this issue with lag/freezing has been an ongoing issue. Thank you.
  11. Wedgewood

    Wedgewood bp_phrase_Forum_Demigod

    Are you receiving the automatic system reply once you have sent in a ticket to the Customer Care Team? All tickets are replied to with 24hrs of being sent excluding extenuating circumstances.
  12. jdr7

    jdr7 User

    unable to load game all morning on us server,get unable to load resource file (code:0) message .
  13. Wedgewood

    Wedgewood bp_phrase_Forum_Demigod

    Please clear your cache and flash cache and try loading the game again. Let us know how it goes so that we can be of further assistance if needed. For info on how to clear chache click Here. For info on how to clear flash cache click Here.
  14. EddyJazz

    EddyJazz User

    Hi Wedgewood. You know I've always shown top respect toward you and admins in general and this is unchanged. In the specific case I have to point out the problems with US server have nothing to do with clearing up caches. On the bonus map yesterday I got sunk twice and that's very embarassing for a level 50 player. The game just froze. I believe it's time for a new, faster server for USA or the entire server will be soon deserted. I believe part of the problems with players leaving US1 are due to a very faulty server spoiling the pleasure of playing. In such a case I really do not understand BP politics. Potentially USA is an easy, huge market, but it looks like BP wants to see the money first. It doesn't work that way. They need to invest first offering a reliable server and consequently a more enjoyable gaming experience before seeing an economic return. Just food for thought...
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  15. I have did all the above ,and i have same issue two days now.
  16. jdr7

    jdr7 User

    Wedgewood; I have done those things several times,still can not load game today.Hard to stay interested in a game that can not play.
  17. Wedgewood

    Wedgewood bp_phrase_Forum_Demigod

    I recognise that there are ongoing issues with lag and logging in. My response was specifically to address jdr7's 'unable to load resource file code:0' issue rather than in response to the ongoing login spinning wheel / lag issues. Apologies if my post was unclear.

    Please describe what occurs when you attempt to load the game. Are you receiving the unable to load resource file message as well? Or is something different occuring when you try to login.

    Thanks for trying to resolve your issue with those troubleshooting procedures. I will assume you have also tested loading the game from an alternate browser with no sucess either. If that is the case you will need to contact the Customer Care Team. Be sure to include that you have done the troubleshooting procedures we have discussed here as this will expedite matters. Include your user id / in-game name and the server this is occuring on in your message to Support.

    To contact the Customer Care Team click Here.

    If you continue to receive the code:0 message feel free to post a screenshot. This is not required by any means but would be appreciated.
  18. Storm day and i can't even do the maps do to freezing and lag. Please don't tell me to contact customer care because by the time they get back to me storm day will be over. I do have 1 question, why does BP not fix US Server? If they don't want us to play, just tell us.
  19. EddyJazz

    EddyJazz User

    I know , man...I'm here storming on the Forum just because I can't play. Let me rephrase that: I CAN play and get sunk by NPCs even in Z10...;)
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  20. jballato

    jballato User

    This lag/freeze problem has been an issue since late November. Why is it that I have no problems early in the morning, but once 1pm CST comes around, I can't even log in. There isn't even an error code to research. Most times it's just a blank screen.

    Ping tests, trace routes and speedtests don't indicate a problem with the user's PC. Clearing cache and updating flash are just attempts at keeping the customer "busy" because BigPoint doesn't know what to do. Since BigPoint doesn't see a problem on their end, what is the problem? I suspect there is a bad router between AT&T and the BigPoint server.

    When ever I have lag/freeze I run a tracert and all servers respond with the same IP except one. It keeps changing IP's throughout the day. Is this the broken link? [] [] []

    The issue is even worse during events like the winter event, valentines event and battlefield. Now Storm Day is here and I can only play a few hours. I'll never be able finish a map to win the prizes. Why can't this be fixed so your loyal customers can continue to play?

    Let us know if you use AT&T service or some other internet provider.
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