future of the game ?

Discussion in 'Questions & Bug Reports' started by paraxenos, Nov 15, 2019.

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  1. paraxenos

    paraxenos Forum-Greenhorn

    Hello i would like to know more about the future of this game such as a potential merge of servers ? i heard some rumors but nothing official yet, anyone can tell me more about that i'm pretty sure i'm not the only one who needs some answers.
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  2. Estack

    Estack Forum Inhabitant

    The game is dead, once the forum for example was full of users, Bigpoint abandoned us and betrayed us by not keeping its promises. However, to date no news on the union of the servers would be a good idea but it would not be enough.
  3. Kalyps0

    Kalyps0 Forum-Apprentice

    not all servers are dead.. USA1 is very dead.. but again.. it was full of hackers, now not so much. only the guild island bug which they never fixed.
  4. Estack

    Estack Forum Inhabitant

    Even Europe 3 does not seem dead but instead Europa 2 does.
  5. Soul_Master

    Soul_Master Junior Expert

    Game already nothing will save, even the association of servers will not return players back,development in a game is not present, and sitting on one place not interesting already.
  6. PrePlayer

    PrePlayer Forum-Greenhorn

    EU1-2-3 don't working, we can't join. Is there something wrong?
  7. ScaryFatPirate

    ScaryFatPirate Forum-Apprentice

    Their European servers are down.

    And usual BP strategy for this situation is to wait to see if the problem gets fixed by itself at server restart tomorrow.

    Good to know that none of BP employers will be at work on weekends so if this problem doesn't get fixed today or by sever restart tomorrow, the game will be down until Monday at least.
  8. ⊱〜Reji〜⊰

    ⊱〜Reji〜⊰ Forum-Greenhorn

    Of course, there is no information right now. This is terrible.
  9. Estack

    Estack Forum Inhabitant

    Absurd I did well in many years to never have paid a euro, they don't deserve it.
  10. hungariandon

    hungariandon Forum-Greenhorn

    What do you mean, "usual BP strategy", to wait for the program to fix itself? What are the employees of the company are getting paid for? Don't talk to us about your "weekends", when it's FRIDAY, so why should we even be considering the weekend, when the obvious solution would be that BP starts fixing the problem right away!!! Are you joking with us?

    And what will we get in compensation? Today, and in the next 3 days until Monday, there is battlefield event which we can not play, and me personally i spent money on eagle medals, just for this event, what happens with that? Not to mention today is the last viper hunting day until february, will we get a replacement event for that too? And what about the half-price upgrade day? We will have to wait again 5-6 months to buy the buthu deck, just because BP is lazy to do anything about the problems of their game?

    This is not a little bug, all eu servers are down (minimum, i didn't even check the others), and you act like nothing serious is happening, when people are losing opportunities in the game to progress as we speak, and money, as we can not enjoy the product that we purchased.
  11. Estack

    Estack Forum Inhabitant

    Now is the time to say enough, who remembers that years ago the bigpoint promised that it would continue to develop the game and improve it? Instead, he abandoned it and those few changes they made made it worse. They should have brought so many improvements, while fixing the bugs bring new quests starting from Carados etc ... Instead nothing the total silence, for me there is only one solution, in all the servers nobody should play, nobody should drop one euro. For me in Europe 2 for this reason no one plays. We must unite and rebel, if they do not see enough players on the servers and no one pays there we will get in trouble and finally they will restart the game.
  12. chav

    chav Forum-Greenhorn

    maiby just restart the game from 0 for all and coming back with old pvp sistem?maiby:p

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