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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by schwarzbuch, Mar 19, 2020.

Dear forum reader,

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  1. Dear mods and admins,
    Dear pirate storm players,

    Before I start this text, I want to introduce myself. I’m a player from the german server and I played pirate storm since 2015. In those five years I have left a couple of times but I always came back to this game because I loved it. On the german servers we don’t have any active mods on the forum anymore and we were left behind in the dark. One thing that really bothers me is the future of the game. When will it end, will the server be merged one day and is Bigpoint still interested in creating new content. I have no clue if anyone will read this but I hope someone does.
    I would like to adress now the admins and mods on this forum. Please try to contact Bigpoint and ask them what their plan is. As much as I love this game, I can’t keep on playing day after day without knowing when I can’t move my ship anymore. And for the rest of the players. If you want to keep this game alive there are ways. Post the trailer of Pirate Storm online or tell your friends. I don’t know how Bigpoint would react to growing player counts but maybe it helps.
    I also wanted to ask what you would do after the game doesn’t exist anymore. Are you switching to a different pirate game, would you try to code a duplicate of this game or would you stop playing entirely? In addition I’m sorry for my poor language.
    - Pirate of Anarchy
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  2. WaterWillow

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    Ahoy schwarzbuch,

    The Forum Team is unable to answer your questions concerning updates/changes/plans to merge. Please know that our Forum Team does relay information to the Administrators of Pirate Storm/Big Point that our players post. We also post any information that we receive regarding events or Announcements that we need to share with the Forum Community.

    If you have suggestions, please feel free to share those in the Update & Ideas Section of the Forum.

    Happy Sailing!
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  3. Estack

    Estack User

    Unfortunately the bigpoint that is German, you could go to its headquarters, has left the game, making a thousand promises, all the servers are now dead.
  4. Yeah. it would be great if the one in charge of you mods will contact bigpoint offices to know if there is some plan for the game or not.
  5. just inform the players
  6. Since chinesse took Bigpoint all of their games are either PTW or DEAD:mad:.One easy way to reborn this game is to bring back the old PVP sistem because that is when the game broke,now small players can't do anything to grow up is to hard and they can't even buy Piranha now wich is essential to grow up.The new PVP sistem is awful,it only causes the players to give up the game especially new players.
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  7. WaterWillow

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    If you have suggestions, please feel free to share those in the Update & Ideas Section of the Forum.

    Best Regards!

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