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Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by soccerseb, Mar 29, 2014.

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  1. soccerseb

    soccerseb User

    I am a somewhat newish player, lvl 18, but i seem to have flat lined. I cant go into a pvp area without getting 2 shotted, but then i cant really do anything else that wont take forever. Help?
  2. Blackzerto

    Blackzerto User

    heres what to do. hide in port. come out invisible and steal kills with rockets or davy jones ability of steel cannonball. save skulls for large warriors. repeat process :)
  3. soccerseb

    soccerseb User

    other ships?

    i have 2 skulls lol
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  4. Blackzerto

    Blackzerto User

    also during battleground week you get tons of skulls just by stealing kills

    yes other ships
    and try to keep your level low with guild letter 50 you need low level and strong ship.
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  5. soccerseb

    soccerseb User

    how does guild letter help?
  6. Wedgewood

    Wedgewood bp_phrase_Forum_Demigod


    Thank you Blackzerto for your help. :) Here is some additional advice that I hope will be of help to you soccerseb.

    You could stay in the limited PVP areas until you have built up your avatar the point where you find it easier in non-limited PVP areas. You can upgrade to a better ship to increase you H.P and base weaponry adding improvements and consumable items to improve your ship and stats. Certain ships become available via special events. When these events are released they will be announced Here. You can use the the workshop to upgrade the cannons you currently have into better ones. For information on the workshop click Here. Work on your Scrolls of Power to increase the stats of certain attributes of your avatar and improve your PVP performance.

    Finding a guild that will be able to help you build up and are able to assist you if you enter zones where PVP is particularly active will also be helpful.

    You should read up on the F.A.Q's for more information concerning certain aspects of the game. You can find them Here.

    I will move your thread to the Pirate Talk section so that other players can offer you more in depth advice on how to build up.
  7. soccerseb

    soccerseb User

    Thanks Wedgewood, i am currently in my cool down after leaving a guild and will be joining a stronger one asap

    is it worth getting the small warrior cannons over the others? the damage is not much higher, its like +1
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  8. Blackzerto

    Blackzerto User

    no its tottaly not worth it large warriors are worth it trust me. you can easily upgrade a small cannon into a small warrior in workshop.
  9. soccerseb

    soccerseb User

    like i have mostly 9 pounders with a few higher ones off of quests, so just upgrade those?
  10. No, only upgrade unsinkable cannons and launchers. Your unsinkable cannons you currently have, should be 10 pounders, so work on upgrading those to Furnace and 12 pounders.
    Once you can hit ships for 700+ you will want to go to port wars. Port wars are generally in zone 15, however they can be in other zones at times.

    A port war is basically sitting outside of a port and sinking other players. You'll receive PvP points (worthless for the most part) and Skulls, which can be used to buy items. The most useful Skull items are the Piranha, Battle Bulkhead, Battle Keel and Large Warriors. Your first goal should be to buy the Bulkhead and Keel for the best ship you have (recommend it be a Pirahna, Dhuka, Large Frigate, or event ship). Next you'll want to buy Large Warriors, until you have maxed your ship out.
  11. Hodini

    Hodini User

    I`m absolutely agreed whit MacAttack92 that is the best way to start the game.Also you can buy your ship special decks from events whit skulls and from your gild rewards. :)


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