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  1. As a game enthusiast and an active buyer of diamonds, I was wondering what the big point will do with the end of the flash player on 12/31?
  2. blakinou

    blakinou User

    The "end" of flash player in December doesn't mean that we will not be able to play anymore in PS even if they don't move to something else soon, it means that those who play from google chrome will have to change to another browser
  3. Kenczapi

    Kenczapi User

    Flash Player will still exists, there will be no new versions. So assuming that pirate storm won't have more 'big' updates the 'end' of flash doesn't really matter. I guess that as players we wil have to download latest version of flash and install it on our PCs as browsers won't support flash plugin anymore
  4. Only maxton browser offers flash player

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