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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ШΛŁŁΛßΞ, Jun 9, 2014.

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Should BP allow chaining to continue and players not be able to farm in peace?

Poll closed Jun 23, 2014.
  1. No, this is a serious issue and needs to be fixed.

  2. Yes, I like chaining and I want to keep stopping people from farming.

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  1. rtp099

    rtp099 User

    Nice attitude! Chaining is not supposed to be part of the game hence you only get pvp once a day off a player. Unfortunately, there are unique, special individuals who feel a need to exert dominance over others. Why? Well one can only speculate but suffice to say if the bully mentality of chaining was supposed to be a part of the game, you would be rewarded for doing it beyond whatever warped personal psychological gratification the chainer gets from doing it.

    As for going to play farmville, undoubtedly there are many who have tried this game and left it for other games because of such individuals. I'm sure the BP database of players who started an account and no longer play after a short period left for several reasons, but I know of 5 personally who have left because of chaining. You can argue that they should leave anyways if they can't handle it, but in the end it results in a smaller player base with fewer paying to play and support development of the game.

    As for your argument that the game would suck if you couldn't repeatedly sink another player, why would it suck in your opinion? You gain no benefit from the game itself by repeatedly sinking a player so what other motivation is really at play here? Certainly not something that was intended to be part of the game aside from the obvious scenarios like battle ground events and guild island invasions / defense.

    Here's an interesting thought - Maybe it's the chainers who should be forced to find another game since it's pretty evident through the game design it was never an intended play style to be used in the first place. Just because the game doesn't actively prohibit it doesn't mean you should do it. The best index to a person's character is how he treats people who can't do him any good, and how he treats people who can't fight back. Whether they are in an anonymous game or in real life, the character is just as reflective and it does involve another human being on the other side... unless it's a bot in which case I think everyone would agree to chain it :)
  2. brutality

    brutality User

    wallabe, farm harder , get stronger ten u wont get sunk,... every1 in this game has been thru this, you are not the exception!! most players will sink u once then move on some dont and wont..
    also try this if u get chained , Do Not go running to global complaining, this is sure way to get chained even more!!
    what part of this are u not understanding??
    excuse me for missing an "h"
    i never knew a pirate to say "oh im sorry i already plundered and sunk you today, you may carry on, sorry for the inconvenience...lmao
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  3. Nevidomý

    Nevidomý User

    I think most of players would agree with you. Me too... I just can't support any of these propositions mentioned here, because it would change the game too much. And personally, I don't see any "change system or add some item" solution... Only "work harder and make powerful friends" solution. And it worked for me;)
  4. If i'm correct, the reason why you only get pvp from a player once a day, is because people were "pushing" or "boosting" pvp and skulls. Also, this is a PvP oriented game. If you don't agree, just take a look at all of the buffs.. nearly ALL are geared towards Player vs. Player.

    I agree with Nevidomy.. make strong friends, work on your strength and PvP skills, and have patience. There are people who used to chain me 6 months ago, that it is now hard for them to sink me, much less chain me.
    If you have everything handed to you on a silver platter now, you will suffer for it later on.
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  5. DieHard89

    DieHard89 User

    first off this is a pirate game the point of it is to sink others if you dont want to be sunk go and play another game or become stronger. i dont not chain all the time but if it wasnt for chainers the game would be boring you wouldn't have anything to work towards and to get stronger. the point of the game is to get stronger build your boat yes but why would you have to build your boat if everyoen could only sink you once. thee would be no point and another statement is that as you play and are Farmington an enemy guild may want to stop you gfrom gaining lvl and gaining xp to help your guild become stronger and higher lvl. i8 myself am 16mil from top lvl right now and i still need to farm but i dont complain about people sinkiing me when i farm because it is part of the game, and if you make friends with the people farming in your zone they will most likely leave you alone when you are farming as i do with people who farm in my zones, and if they dont leave me alone i will change zones.

    i 100% agree with this the chaining makes you want to become strong and as you do you will learn to fight and become a better player because of it.
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  6. rtp099

    rtp099 User

    You would still need to work to become stronger due to arena, higher zone and level achievements, battle field events, etc. so your argument that chaining drives building up your boats is really quite moot.

    If you believe chaining makes the game exciting (as in the opposite of boring) then that makes an interesting statement again about what motivates you, but others may not share that sentiment. Most people play a game for an escape and to have fun, not to be bullied. The game doesn't reward the activity and I can pretty much guarantee the only people who enjoy it are the ones doing it to weaker players, unless those who are being chained are masicists.

    As for your assertion that some get chained to prevent them from getting their guild to be stronger, I suspect that it isn't strategic as much as it is self gratification. Watch the chat in global and you know this to be true as well.

    As for being sunk, I agree it's part of the game. I have no problem with it and if you can't take it, this game is not for you. The OP isn't suggesting to remove the sinking aspect of the game, but to put some form of control whereby a player will not have to be subjected to being repeatedly sunk by bullies that are bored and have nothing better to do. Having friends or being part of a guild can help, but it isn't always an available or even a balanced solution to the problem.

    A while ago I know I suggested they could create a pennant of parley and make it work like the emblem of peace. Make it last only 30 minutes ( time to do a letter) as well as limit how many times a day you can run it. As well, make it cost (like 6K d's for 10) and make it so it can't be removed until the timer is up to prevent abuse. Habitual chainers get checked, players get some control and can buy some time to get stronger, and BP makes money.
  7. Wallabe, the zone you farm in might also be part of the problem, certain zones will attract a larger amount of players which will result in more sinks. I farm in 30a and realize that when the colossus spawns alot of boats are going to show up and sink anybody they see. I accept this or i move to a different zone durring that time period so it doesn't occur. Zones 13 - 16, 20, 29a and 30a are going to be very active zones with alot of players moving through so i would recommend moving to some other zone and that should allow you to farm in peace.
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  8. DieHard89

    DieHard89 User

    yes somethign that would make it where you could not be shot would be cool but many players would be runnign this and it would be hard to get them if your onloy on for so long and everyoen is runnign it so whats the point just find a zone and continue farming when you can get sunk its just the game move to a dif zone i had to move to a dif zone when i couldnt fight back so they should just learn to find a new place they like to farm.
  9. Grumpert77

    Grumpert77 User

    I disagree with you because of many reason that have been said, such as how will the person who is sunk get revenge?

    Also I hate it when people make a poll like this. I want people to be able to chain others but I don't chain myself.
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  10. patient_0

    patient_0 User

    I've been playing game for about 1 & 1/2 year so far & still get treated like an npc by some...we all got to pay our dues & the game has to make $ ...doing so gives players advantages/superiority...
    that all said im not in favor of complete elimination of chaining, it would drasticly change the game...not 4 the better
    my ideas are...
    ~perhaps a new server that is "no chaining" test & explore the possibilities..(the best option in my opinion for bp & players on all servers that would prefer such)
    ~1 chaining free zone...since after reaching a certain level players are forced to play in open pvp zones if they are to gain xp or collect chests....i dont like the idea though because players would hide there a lot :/
    ~limited chaining zones or per zone, such can sink a player a max of 3x per zone per hour...5 or 10x in upper zones...with at least 1 unlimited 'war' zone
    ~guild clause/option:lets your guild opt out of chaining others & there-fore others cant do so to you. with the option to chain rival guilds
  11. Wallabe...if you don't cry ignore and leave the zone everything would be fine and dandy...but if you cry in global as E.T are gonna get your butt wooped by chainers...good luck
  12. *Ð1™

    *Ð1™ User

    I play this game in an almost strictly PVP mode. I hate to farm, been playing since beta and only lvl 39 lol. All 6 pages of the scrolls of power are maxed got all my bombs, so what else is there for me to do?

    I chain all the time, if someone complains about it, I will chain em as long as they complain. Its not personal. I enjoy sinking other players that are lower then me in rank... Higher then me in rank.. and the same rank. I dont discriminate, lol. Should I get sunk in the process, so be it, but I dont carry on in chat about it or mail someone nasty messages because of it as some do.

    I wonder how us old timers managed to stay playing after all the sinks we have taken over the years. Zone 7 was a totally different place just last year, lol.

    Bottom line to my rambling is this. If you cant get your ship built up by the time you go into zone 13 where everyone is fair game, then maybe you should work more on getting it built up.
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