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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ШΛŁŁΛßΞ, Jun 9, 2014.

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Should BP allow chaining to continue and players not be able to farm in peace?

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  1. No, this is a serious issue and needs to be fixed.

  2. Yes, I like chaining and I want to keep stopping people from farming.

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  1. People shouldn't be able to kill someone over and over and over and (edit) over and stop them from making gold and doing anything. I understand you can leave the zone, I understand that you can log off for a bit, I understand. But why not just fix chaining?

    Why can't BP just make it impossible to shoot someone after you have sunk them? Of course this perk will be lifted in arena, BG, guild island, etc.

    It would not be that hard to do, and it would be beneficial to all players who want to farm.

    I understand this a PvP game, but there is a PvE boat, PvE zones, you can even make your guild PvE for crying out loud. You should be able to farm in peace without dying after killing one NPC. There is no reason to chain, but douche bags all across all servers do it just to prevent someone they dislike from being able to enjoy the game.

    There is no good reason that I can think of (And I have thought for a while) Not to do this.

    FIX THIS BP!!!!
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  2. Nevidomý

    Nevidomý User

    I don't like it to and it can be really frustrating but there is another options and this reduction isn't a good idea.

    Your solution is too drastic. The game would loose so much fun.

    And what about the revenge? When I've sunk someone and he come back? But I can't kill him because I already sunk him? And what about the small boats who steal my boxes? Of coarse I kill them again and again. And in some perspective it's chaining but I don't really feel guilty about it.

    My opinion? No fixing by BP! Join the guild, make some friends and all together make the hell of the bully's sailing;)
  3. Go play farmville if you don't like it :D
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  4. I think a better solution would be to modify one of the existing higher level zones to pve or add a zone as a pve with upper zone npcs.
  5. Something BP could do to combat chaining is introducing a new consumable, in which a pirate could activate it making them a PvE. They would not able to shoot any other player while activated, unless broken on their own terms, and in return they cannot be fired upon by other players. It would be much like the emblem of peace but for players, not NCPs.
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  6. That's a good idea, I would like to see that implemented :D
  7. I would go even farther and say you cannot attack or be attacked for 6 hours (like the emblem of peace).
    I still don't like the idea.. this would protect chainers too. Imagine being chained by a person for hours, and then later on in the day you find them low health while they're farming, yet because they have it active you can't get some revenge and sink them.
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  8. Nevidomý

    Nevidomý User

    Then some weak player uses this on some higher map and can steal boxes and finish off NPCs or bosses or even dragons without punishment o_O

    PS. I'm not sure if I use "finish off" right but I hope you get the idea.
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  9. Stealing boxes isn't a problem because of the 10 second wait to see other peoples boxes. To help with kill stealing, you can't shoot an NPC that someone else is already shooting.

    Sure you can find some "Flaws" But think about it and there is easy resolutions to them.
  10. Well Mac, not everything in the world can be solved right away, that was just an idea and like most new ideas, there are still kinks to be worked out.
  11. Yes, I know. But also you have to take into consideration how it would change the game. I personally think it would affect it in a negative way.
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  12. Nevidomý

    Nevidomý User

    Some people shoot multiple NPCs in some area and then collect the boxes, but it's only detail. About kill stealing, others might shoot yours NPCs or even that would be forbidden? (That's even worst idea by the way.)

    Anyway this would be such huge change. Everybody untouchable... This game is meant to be PvP. With this it would be boring, because everybody would be using it for comfortable farming. But me personally.. I don't like farming. It's only necessary evil. I like hunting other ships. Sometimes it's me hunted but I even like this too, because there is chance that I resist. And you want change all this because of some bully... Find another solution, find friends who will help you.
  13. It's not like everybody on the server is going to be using this consumable!! You act like you won't ever be able to hunt people again. PW, BG, Arena, Guild Island, etc, all places you can kill people at your choosing. Just because some people like to get 10k PvP every day, and like to be (edit) chainers, doesn't mean that other people want to do that too.

    If some people want to farm, let them farm in peace. It shouldn't be interrupted because someone stronger than them decided to be a (edit). I understand that you can get friends to help you, or leave the zone, but why not just implement this? It will only help the game.
  14. Nevidomý

    Nevidomý User

    Well actually I think that it's like almost everybody is going to be using it, because no one want to be killed while farming. And I think you've chosen wrong game to play if you feel it that way...
  15. Lol this game isn't all about PvP. As I pointed out, there is PvE zones, a PvE boat and PvE guilds. If people need to farm, they should be allowed to. If people can't make any gold or diamonds because (edit) like you want to chain them, then they should be given something to stop this. Gold and diamonds are ESSENTIAL in this game. Not everyone can just buy their way through it.
  16. Nevidomý

    Nevidomý User

    You misunderstood me :D I never chained anyone. I kill only once per day for PvP and skulls and then only in defence or as a revenge for something really upsetting (and that's rare) ;) But as you pointed out, there is PvE zones so stay there if you don't want to be disturbed;) BTW I never bought diamonds, I also earned them trough farming.
  17. brutality

    brutality User

    wallabe, farm harder , get stronger ten u wont get sunk,... every1 in this game has been thru this, you are not the exception!! most players will sink u once then move on some dont and wont..
    also try this if u get chained , Do Not go running to global complaining, this is sure way to get chained even more!!!
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  18. .SWIFTY.

    .SWIFTY. User

    Chaining is why they made it so you can't attack people in low zones.
  19. Please learn to type. I am not complaining. I just don't understand why BP can't just get rid of this. It is a negative part of the game that makes players quit. Fix it.
  20. DieHard89

    DieHard89 User

    I'm with Mac on this go play FarmVille might be better for you chaining is part of the game and would suck if you couldn't kill more then once vise get killed more then once get over the chaining find a did zone to farm in or quit. Lol
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