Fix the balance in the game.

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  1. 1) You need to somehow correct the balance in the game. The problem is that earlier, when there was a 2x2 and 3x3 Arena, it was possible to become a good or better pirate and get a Gladiator or Armageddon with a native deck, and many aspired to this! Now there is no Arena, which means there are no Ships with a deck either. It is required at least to combine all the prizes from the 2x2 3x3 Arena, and give the opportunity to earn absolutely everything in the 1x1 Arena.

    2) It is required to increase the production of diamonds and gold. Now the limit is small and you need to sit for hours to earn only 5,000 diamonds and 50,000,000 gold. And not everyone has the patience to sit for several hours a day to earn at least something!

    3) Unreasonable and overpriced price for the Blood Moon Deck and a Bloody Set of four parts. I remember the times when the Deck cost more than 1 million, but those days are over and there are almost no players left. In general, it becomes unclear who is interrupting your bets?! As a rule, unfamiliar nicknames interrupt your bets, who are not in the Guild anywhere, have no PVP points and no one has ever seen them at the seems that these incomprehensible faces come ONLY to the Full Moon campaign in order to artificially increase the cost of the Bloody Deck and the Bloody Set. When there were a lot of people and the game was in demand, it was not noticeable, but now that there are no people left, it's all very noticeable. In my opinion, we need to remove the auction and make a limit on the price in the Lunar promotion! Example: On the deck to make a price of 600,000, and accordingly to the moonlight....each part for the ship is limited to a price of 250,000 and this is the maximum!!! Inventing an event in order to earn all this is not worth it because you can't go to the Fields and earn coins in order to make all the details available!

    4) It's no secret that the Fields are empty and it has become almost impossible to earn coins for the summer set (Eagle Power). It is also not possible to buy, and the price was not quite normal, then you need to do this: Give players the opportunity to buy them, but the price should not be 2,000 diamonds for one coin, but 2,000 diamonds for 10 coins! + Give the opportunity to receive coins for daily login to your account during the fields. This will encourage players to enter the game more often, and at the same time new players will arrive and begin to be interested in the game. Unfortunately, new players cannot grow at the moment. When they come into the game, they start throwing it because of this.

    5) There is a good ship "Ahab" in the game, but it lacks a native deck that would be suitable only for Ahab, so 30 guns. Since there are few guns on it at the start.

    6) Premium for the account is very necessary for convenience, but it is needed not only for cash (for real money), but also to enable players to buy premium for their account for in-game currency. For example, for diamonds! At least make such an opportunity for 7 and 14 days...

    7) All that I have listed is everything you need to revive the game. All this will help in order to interest old players and attract new ones! Although there are still a lot of ideas. And finally had the ability to remove cannons and harpoons, otherwise over time the account becomes too clogged with unnecessary junk.
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    Of course, I have little faith, but hope dies last. I liked your suggestion! It should work!
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    To begin with, this would be enough, so a global and not particularly costly update would be. So to speak, a fresh stream would flow into your favorite game, and now, to be honest, it's not a game, but the bottom
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    Moderators note to you. There are more logical suggestions here than I've seen in the last few years
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    Normal ideas, but it's a pity that they won't hear us!
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    Lmao, you're so lost. Let me tell you something: Bigpoint is a corrupt company, and those games are from like 2007. They're all pay to win, with the most scummy, predatory tactics ever. The REAL problems are:

    1. The game is pay to win, or grind eternally. For example Darkorbit. Go ahead and start an account without using a bot and spending money. Your entire LIFESPAN would not be long enough to catch up on the grind. You would not have time to sleep, to work, to eat.

    2. The game is boring asf. Bigpoint uses the same formula: Controlling a vehicle from bird view, clicking on little mobs and collecting the boxes they drop. Then a random money whale passes by and oneshots you becasue you're not spending 100$ per month. Forced PvP is absolutely unbalanced and disgusting. Also there is no skill. The money whales just click on someone weaker and decide to erase them from the game, with like hundreds of rare consumables that the free players can't afford.
    Pirate Storm, DarkOrbit, Seafight, Hellblades, X Blaster, Deepolis etc. The issue is not in the balance. The game will never be fun, because it's made by greedy, corrupted organisation.
    And the remaining players like you are just part of that forgotten relic. *EDIT*

    Oh, also the year is 2022, use Discord instead of the other old forgotten relic called TeamSpeak *****, it's from 2002.
  7. You can laugh as much as you many people, so many opinions!
    And it doesn't matter what year the game is, it matters what year it is now, and it's 2022 now. And what do we see?! There are practically no players left in the game, and a bunch of other problems that Bigpoint does not fight at all. I also understand that Bigpoint does not need to do anything with this situation because there are still players who bring money to their account. And this is on the one hand....
    But there is another side: Bigpoint are greedy for cash and the small percentage of players who remained in the game do not completely appease their appetite for cash, most likely. Sooner or later (although much later ...) they should think again about how they can return to those seasoned heights in terms of income...well, or at least get closer to those averages. Who wouldn't want to make more money?! This is all natural, but maybe then they will turn their attention to the chat, and notice at least some idea left by the players?! (Although it's hard to believe... but it's possible!) It's not for nothing that this chat section was created, where players can leave their ideas?
    And so we smoothly approached the writing of ideas...
    In short, even if they implement 10 out of 50 ideas, it will be good, so to speak, a small victory.
    Now, as for the small number of players who squeeze out others, these are not smart players...more precisely, completely stupid. I did the same thing myself once. Until I thought about what all this will lead to ....back in 2016. I already understood then that the time would come, you would sail through the locations, and they would be empty. Without meeting players, sometimes meeting other sheep who can't quit the game because they poured a lot of money into it at the time. And to fight with whom ? They lived to see in 2022 that all Guilds were empty. At least on Europa 2.... on other servers I don't know. I'm talking about those players who drowned others ten times a day...., but for what?! And this led to the fact that the Fields became empty, and it became impossible to enter them, in other things, as well as the Arena. So at least 20 percent of the players were squeezed out of the game. They would not hurt now for the Arena, Fields, and earning coins from the fields. From here and boredom in the game. Will you say that this is the policy of the game itself? Of course not! The game did not encourage the subsequent sinking of the same players (Skulls were given once, and for subsequent times you get nothing.)
    I got carried away, but I wanted to thank you only at the beginning for the comment left. Thank you, your opinion is important!
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  8. I will answer at once to all the players who have left their comments here; Thank you for your comments, your opinion is important to me, and also write your ideas! And suddenly we will be noticed someday!
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  9. Vlad1984

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    Advertising, the engine of progress! That's what's missing right now, but that's just my opinion and don't judge me harshly! and of course some innovations.
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  10. Beware[BG]

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    There are no players left because: 1. The game is old-fashioned, browser-based game. It has nothing on modern games, like Elden Ring, Siege, Star Citizen, Hollow Knight, the list goes on. Bigpoint won't fight the problems, because they have basically left the game on life support, until they pull the plug. They know they won't milk anything out of it anymore. They'll never care, because they're still milking their most famous game - DarkOrbit. The game DOES encourage toxic behavious. Any game with forced PvP where you can do nothing but watch them kill you with absolutely no skill involved and only depends on whoever paid bigpoint more is a toxic, garbage game. I'm only here out of nostalgy, and to get the Total Eclipse ship. You are either in a big sunk-cost fallacy, or straight up stupid to still play this game seriously. Just move on and never look back.
  11. I agree, it is necessary many changes, mainly in the arenas 2x2 and 3x3, do not exist players for it, is impossible buy items of thoses arenas because do not have matches.
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  12. The best Ideea from my perspective is to unite all EU servers into 1 with this there will be more players for Battlegrounds and problem solved with 2v2 and 3v3 arena. After they could focus on pvp system backup restore