Fix Game Yes or No?

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by Hot_Shot_Rob™, Dec 20, 2017.

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  1. after the fix of the bug...BIGPOINT can punish cheaters? with some days ban ? or perma ban ? we want justice!!!!!!!!! AN EYE FOR AN EYE
  2. vjmasiero

    vjmasiero User

    My opinion:
    Bugs became popular in early 2015. then:
    Who stole before this date ban of 100 years;
    Who stole it then, send the bill. If you pay you get everything. If it does not pay it returns the account as it was in the beginning of 2015.
  3. saeed1202

    saeed1202 User

    there is a bug about load out.
    i try make a video about it.
    bigpoint did a good. but ....
    i like to use bugs but really i want help big point fix them.
  4. saeed1202

    saeed1202 User

    i'm not sure share it or no!
    big point can fix it very fast?


    with if these players, who picked up millions of diamonds?
  6. Bain07

    Bain07 User

    Bugs are fixed now, isn`t it?
  7. nono1026

    nono1026 User

    With this bugfix, all items that are multiple in one slot in the loadout will be deleted. nothing has succeeded!!!!!!!
  8. i think bigpoint now checking if someone using bug on bonus maps
  9. [-PRO-]

    [-PRO-] User

    Honestly this game is going no where but downhill, the developers seriously need to fix all of these bugs and maybe bring back the old pvp system then i can almost guarantee that many old players will come back to this game, my whole guild and allies left this game simply just because of the pvp and cheaters,

    Big point you seriously need to sit down and think about this for a second, you are slowly loosing more and more players, is this what you want? Pirate Storm Ghost Edition? That is not fun to play, seriously if you just try your best to answer all of our requests , atleast show us that you have some interest , do something!! i have read forums saying these issues have gone on for over 2 years!! How can you let issues go on for over 2 years? Are you just trying to exploit players in thinking we'll stay even if you dont fix it? well im sorry but that is not the case more and more players are leaving this game and it will be a real shame to see this game go down

    Please just give us something...
  10. vjmasiero

    vjmasiero User

    It will be left yes !! The retarded, demented and cowardly thieves !!
    At the moment it is for this type of people that this game serves !!
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  11. pvp season ? no ?...


    Always the same comments,and crying "bigpoint do something with the game" if you don't like the game by the bugs and all don't play,easy it looks all people don't know nothing about programation of games xd is easy to say "fix this"
  13. ivikakum

    ivikakum User

    This forum is for suggestions for problems who have players in game I don't understand who is your problem ? If you don't like this no enter in forum. *EDIT*
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    sisco always crying jjjj
  15. vjmasiero

    vjmasiero User

    Really, child wanting attention.
    The best thing to do is ignore it
  16. hardwell you are crazy ,maricon :D
  17. hello i want to ask ,if the server fix for cannons load bug contains too the bug of bonus maps ? that you get many diamonds .....please fix it too....they are buying many specials !! and do something for pvp too old system :) . i am here from 2012 , listen some old ll get people back and money simple
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  18. =^ᴥ^=

    =^ᴥ^= User

    People get frustrated when there are request about fixing the game because diamonds get removed,items get removed and players who earned them by using glitches and taking advantage of them would be so pissed off to lose everything. Now that there is no bug anymore,they are happy they still have their 10k each item and 50m ammo but if something would happen about that ,Im very sure that people who benefited from the glitches would quit the game. No one is asking the forum moderators to fix the game,they can only send it to support our concerns, as for people who complain about bugs and glitches keep going even though you get the same answer from the support,saying that they will fix it. It took 2 years to fix a minor bug and 30 minutes of maintenance.
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  19. vjmasiero

    vjmasiero User

    Got it. You do not want thieves to be penalized. You want the cowardly thieves to be happy forever with everything they stole !!!
    I hope you are not Brazilian, or I will be embarrassed to be too.
  20. =^ᴥ^=

    =^ᴥ^= User

    What? Did you actually read what I wrote or just decided to quote for no reason ? I just said that removing the bug isnt enough,removing the items,ammos and many other things that many players benefited from game glitches. I am not Brazilian and please understand before you write something down.