Fix Game Yes or No?

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by Hot_Shot_Rob™, Dec 20, 2017.

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  1. borzas

    borzas User

    I don't know, why don't they shut down the game if they don't do it if they can not fix it ??????
  2. picasso

    picasso User

    what ??? !!! the moderator absolutely did not understand what was going on ! the game is full of cheats and BP it's one = looking for another game, this game is unplayable Well done BP
  3. So what does this mean for us the players once again nothing gets fixed and nothing solved not even a bonus code put out to help make up for the fact no chest. There was a time we would get a bonus code... Fix the game or close it...................................................................................................................WaterWillowBoard AdministratorTeam Pirate Storm

    Hi guys,
    Does anyone have this achievement or it's another bug?​
    Unfortunately the Broken-hearted Treasure Chest 2018 is not showing in the achievement section. The development team is aware of this issue. And unfortunately, we are not aware if the issue will be fixed before the end of the event. We apologize for the inconvenience!

    Best Regards!

    ~Referred to the Customer Care Team~
    ~~Thread Closed~~
  4. In short, after baiting the players for their spending euros BP will surely pass to a new game etc etc, here is the system of all these games online (free) yes but here are many pigeons are let have
  5. Really a 35 hour diamond rush??? take take all bigpoint can do. why dont you try fixing things instead of taking...
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  6. Snow~White

    Snow~White User

    Hi people so after 3 years i decide to return to the game and what i saw here it let me speechless i have 1 question for BP will you start fixing the game or should i take another break?
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  7. take another break
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  8. Snow~White

    Snow~White User

    thanks for help see you in 3 years guys
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  9. Guess we have all asked for long time to see something done to game and to get some sort of response from suport/devolpers on the game for over a year but nothing but thank you for your concern.
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  10. Lack of maintenance will drive me away, and I have played the game from the start. Glad I never put any money into it.
  11. haunted415

    haunted415 User

    one day someone will look into this game and see profit there was another game i played it was awesome for 2 years but then owners stopped caring about it for 5 years. now another company braught the game and is making millions of of it and its more popular than ever, the people that stuck with the game though thick and thin were rewarded heavily. soo the moral of my story is stick to the game yes there is alot of problems but you cant fix anything by complaining about everything. ive played this game for along time on and off all it takes is time. if you be civil about it maby it will make their job easier and get things done faster.
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  12. koff80

    koff80 User

  13. koff80

    koff80 User

    fix problems 2 year no repair.....
    minimal repair............
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  14. haunted415

    haunted415 User

    there has been games that have gone down the drain for longer than 2 years. somone has come along and revived it. dont be so impatient.
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  15. Hello, today, I was supposed to win four battlefields, like many legal players, but a person using the bug beat me. I would like to know WHEN can we play again, in good conditions?.
    Thanks for reading me,
    Even if you do not care Bigpoint employees ... If it is not the case, tell me and tell us how there will be change very soon.
    real changement, with the end of loadout bug :( , whe want to play again...
    Thank you.

    Sorry for my bad english.
  16. Just close the game, nothing else to do BP wrote more than 1 month ago that they had a working patch in test server, if they had it in test server normally was not hard to apply it in real servers but naaah no way, don't give hopes to players just close this game BP
  17. haunted415

    haunted415 User

    us1 has no cheaters at all and any that do seem to get banned pretty quickly unlike the other servers.
  18. cheaters cause a lot of damage especially for players who can not take advantage of battlegrounds when they are on the waiting list all day during the whole period of the events while there are still players who need to progress and thus to collect points necessary for the articles of rewards.

    Of course this is only a detail because in reality they are a plague everywhere else in the game and these people make fun of thinking only of them.
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  19. Tanerr54

    Tanerr54 User

    Dear forum officials. We expect the errors to be corrected for a year. Please contact game managers and inform us. Something is done to prevent mistakes ?
  20. eldiablo82

    eldiablo82 User

    What does BP do about cheaters ?, nothing at all instead of striving to find patches, they would do better to remove all the gear they have in excess, buy through their cheats, so it would be normal to suppress them instead of (banish them) simply, so that the support tells us the truth and not to be satisfied
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