Fix Game Yes or No?

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by Hot_Shot_Rob™, Dec 20, 2017.

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  1. So is bigpoint going to do anything to fix this game we want to know?
  2. Far as we can tell in the last 9 months they have done nothing to improve this game. They have not listiened to anyone on anything. They canceled bask days... The new pvp system ruined the game and they know it.. so why not bring it back to the way it was. There is islands that are glitched for the last 9 months and have no monsters. and yes we have scent in Tickets to SUPORT they are not helping.... all they say is thank you for your concern same message the last 9 months.. .. Like there is so much can be done to improve this game and nothing is being done.... Raise the levels from 50 to something higher... bring out new zone maps.. npc,s anything to make a change to show you care bigpoint.... lower the number of players need to get into battlegrounds so smaller players that do play can get things they need... bring out event ships on the water or monster events to shoot to win things for sinking them like seafight has... do something....
  3. Agreed. Something needs to happen.
  4. PaganHorde

    PaganHorde User

    Well, they changed something. Now here is 4 hours diamond rushes :D. What a pleasure to us.

    FREGATA User

    MY opinion is that he game should RESTART..i mean shut down the servers for a month or whatever they need to be fixxed and after that check the acoounts that have the bug and delete them..if a person whose acoount has been deleted tries to use the bug again he shouldnt be able to do so since they will have already fixxed the bug issue..we al oloved the game for what it was until 1 year ago..imean we ant play arenas fair battlegrounds or even farm in the sea...and concerning the pvp season i suppose it wont happen again since those who use the bug will easilyy gain pvp points whereas those who dont will find it difficult to raise their pvp points
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  6. MrKat

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    Look, Bigpoint is not what it used to be. Back in a day there had been a really big boom of browser games. Bigpoint had a lot of players playing their games. But for some reason they started to give up on some of the games like deepolis for exampel. I played almost every game they put out. In 2015ish they completely stoped with development of most of their games. In the same year they started a partnership with a company witch was also developing games like bigpoint. They brought a little life into a few games like Darkorbit.
    In my opinion that is the only game they care about right now. The company is slowly dying i think. They are losing players witch is caused by them not caring about the games. Less players == Less money. My view is pretty negative i think that bigpoint is never going to take care of pirate storm like a few years ago. The worst case scenario is that the game will end up like the other games that are already dead. It is sad cause the game has a great potencial.
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  7. PaganHorde

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    How is going Drakensang game? Also one BP game?
  8. MrKat

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    That one I did not play so i do not know :(
  9. Seafight is one there main games i was there 7 years till it went dead 3 years ago they mergered the servers and now it very busy there many events on top of each other all the time and lots of mods in game chat and form very active same on the water. But the game is very expensive. i been gone 4 years maybe little more 4 and half but my boat when i adeed it up new cannons they got out and to upgrade them and castles and skill points be just over 5 thousand to get back up to what i was back then. sorry but they wont get it from me but alot people there have been spending. crazy
  10. PaganHorde

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    I am not sure if we want merge now...? EU servers is full fast shooters.
  11. Buahahaha... Someone seriously think, that BP will do something?
  12. junkistu

    junkistu User

    My friends .... the game is DEAD .
    Bp has not done his job so far and will never do it again ....

    It was nice that we even received a concrete answer ... not to be left in the shade all this time .

    Due to the fact that I was ignored by Bp with disgust , I will never play any of their games. What do you think?
    Best regards
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  13. Eclips

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    Lol Junkistu,

    Do you think Bigpoint cares about you?
    Do you really think they are sad because they lost another player?

    You have to keep faith or else this game will die...
    I agree with you, they should give a fair answer about the future about Pirate Storm
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  14. So when are we going to get some answers to all the real questions players have been asking??? We have been getting is been avioded on the forum and when we email suport we get no answers either just ignored.... We all want to know is there going to be any changes to fix this game ??? Lots been said nothing been done. WHY ???????
  15. WaterWillow

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    Ahoy Hot_Shot_Rob™,

    Suggestions for improvements/changes to the game can be made HERE. The development team will look at suggestions posted in this section.

    Sorry to hear that you are having issues with support. It may be that your concerns are in queue to be investigated.

    Changes to the game, new events, etc. are usually posted in the Announcement section of the forum. Continue to look there for official announcements.

    Forum Moderators are not in charge of game fixes, game changes, or player accounts. Technical issues can only be addressed by support. You may contact the Customer Care Team by clicking HERE.

    Is there anything else we may help you with?

    Best Regards!
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  16. Minnimist

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    It may be that your concerns are in queue to be investigated. For two years ???????
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  17. vjmasiero

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    Everyone's concerns queued for two years ?? !!

    The forum says it can not solve the problems, and they can not even. And the support says it's not to pester them and get in the forum !!
    what to do??
  18. OMG!!! Someone really count on it, that BP will fix this game?
    NO CHANCE!!!
  19. MANU_OWW

    MANU_OWW User

    Stop playing and come in 3 years, maybe, something will have changed ... If I have not changed anything, wait another 3 years, and so on ... I'm doing this.
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  20. vjmasiero

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    This is good!!
    I know players who have been banned for 100 years. They expect the game to be better until the ban is over !!
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