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What to do witch the bug

  1. Close servers and ficks the problem

  2. Let it go let everyboty hack

  3. Ban every boty who hacks

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    MANU_OWW User

    the bigpoint did not understand that the bug did not make it a good thing because the bug could also be made with diamond-free gold ... but they banned me in the forum because i'm awkward character instead of answering all those honest gamers who ask for the bann for player that are illegal ... where is the super team of pirates storm at this time?
  2. Youzu bought BigPoint to rename it as: BUGPOINT
  3. BigPoint made a huge mistake in not wanting to install an anti-cheat system right from the start to detect and target cheats while correcting anomalies, but it's not too late for them to react, they're not bankrupt for the moment, shows that their games are not closed.

    However, if they do not act quickly, it is certain that they will be able to close Pirate Storm forever because cheats continue to behave like thieves and looters, because the videos and the images sent to supports do not show any direct reaction.
  4. User

    nothing is happening yet. misuse of errors becomes legal. it is used by more and more players
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    MANU_OWW User

    Eu 1 italian guild *EDIT* no use bug
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  6. CM deleted my post about one italian cheater, their "reason" - Personal Attacks not permitted in the forum. Send concerns to support.
    CM doesnt understand that what cheaters doing is personal attack to players who play fair. And one more notice, your support doesnt work.
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  7. tachipo

    tachipo User

    Many greetings to all zombies,
    this game died a long time ago. Proud man does not need to cheat, he does not need to use a bug, such man does not need to be watched by admins. I cannot imagine any proud man who is still playing this game. If there exists anyone, Merry Christmas. This was the best game I met in the past. Hopefully there will be similar one in near future.. maybe made/owned by different company, supported by different team of administrators, with a team of programmers solving bugs, ... who knows... BP can be sure in one thing - no money anymore in this situation
  8. borzas

    borzas User

    it would be a good idea if the people who knew it would do the game! unfortunately there is no such thing!!!!!!
  9. pindrusec

    pindrusec User

    if it was in the office of the administrator so long ago something has been done, this is unfortunately the matter of BP and they have other priorities
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  10. 1111

    1111 User

    we can all use the bug, we are all alike..:);)
  11. vjmasiero

    vjmasiero User

    Thanks but I do not want to keep up with the buggers.
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  12. MANU_OWW

    MANU_OWW User

    only the retarded ones use the bug because without they are nullities ... but first then the big point will have to wake up and will have to eliminate questy down
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  13. Lucia86

    Lucia86 User

    why not banned players who use fast shooting bag?:eek: eu4 its all top 20 battleground capture the flag
  14. westers

    westers User

    yeh thats what i ment ( sorry for my school enlish..i m dutch) maybe you can help me with another problem..i want to by a guildde (extra gun guns and harps) i was in the top 10 of several events but still can`t buy this dek. wich top 10 do they mean..the supportteam can`t help me thats also strange.
  15. To buy guild deck ? - Your guild must be in the top 10 at months end - you must also have been a member before 15th of month
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