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What to do witch the bug

  1. Close servers and ficks the problem

  2. Let it go let everyboty hack

  3. Ban every boty who hacks

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  1. Newbiee

    Newbiee User

    Guys, tell me if there are games like Dota2, League of legends, Starcraft:Broodwar, Paladins, Smite and so many more free games with community much bigger than BP, WHY SHOULD I WASTE TIME with this one? I wasted 2 years and they paid to my wasted precious time with current situation. No, NO! No thanks! I am done.

    Until you fix this "flash game" I will not attend anything. Be happy with what you did.
    "It was all fun and games until you ruin everything"

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  2. And sad to see a game so good to be closed, I played 5 years and now comes the bugs and players using reload bug that kills you with 1 shot, Big Point looks like it failed and sold to others who did not care, the team Developers seems like it is made of child who see the problems and does not set ......
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  3. zazzou

    zazzou User

    hi all,
    I stopped the game, but voted proposals 1 & 3. If ever something happens :D
    Pirate Storm (a great game) is dead. Big Point unable to solve anything.

    All honest players quite stopped playing.
    As BP is blind, they let the cheaters play together and finish to throw it away.

    No need to waste any more time here... Deeply sad.

    Plenty of other online games welcome us :)
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  4. PaganHorde

    PaganHorde User

    Yep, US1 have one guild island monsters (they not coming out) glitched now ca 6 months. They can plunder all others and nobody cant plunder their island. No progress last 6 months. Support told me - be patient. How long time i must be patient? Next 12 months? 2 years?? How long?
    It's just ridiculous.
  5. I'm honnest player (never used bugs, because use it, this is show be coward in trust) -sorry for my bad english- and not still stopped game because waiting what will happen september 15 until october 20 :)

    Today, september 15 o_O what patience...

    I know a lot of players hate me, just because i sink them on maps, but honnestly, strong account, this is the game : shoot, sink, and be sunk, the big fun on this game ;) I hate fish, i need gold so i do, but the great fun is fight and fight and fight :D
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  6. Well, there are cheats on this game, a tenth of a second to sink an Ahab with 29,800 points, hat, and with it's no wonder that many honest players stop this game.
    In summary all these cheats kill the game.
  7. In all ways are also their so-called (improvements) that also kills online games
  8. westers

    westers User

    I vote.... BAN them all. and then this... i can not use all the buttons (grey buttons) at the bottom of the hud, can someone help me please ( i`m dutch so sorry for my school english)
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  9. westers

    westers User

    can someone help me?? i can`t use all the buttons at the bottom of the hud ( now lvl 36) i put some diamants in it but still won`t work, what am i missing or doing wrong. And i think all the hackers must bant out... play the game honest or not., ban them is the wright way to do it.
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  10. you mean down the captain orders?
  11. rodgie72

    rodgie72 User

    Yeah..I'm level 41 and I'm fed up with the fast shooter hackers..saw just one take on my guild island single handed and also active on pvp.I'm thinking of leaving this game.Please BP fix this problem.
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  12. rodgie72

    rodgie72 User

    Dear Big Point and Pirate Storm staff, could you give me any indication whether you plan to fix the problem with cheats and hackers who shoot cannon balls like machine guns.The cheats are killing this game on battlefield,pvp and arena?
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  13. Never :D:D:D:D
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  14. come on... You really believe, they will do something? buahaha
  15. Dann

    Dann User

    BP doesn't care about this game and this players.
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  16. 30/9 and still all items from summer tournament is still active to buy :D:D:D...AHAHA BROKEN GAME
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  17. true they dont care,stop waste time here...
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  18. onomed

    onomed User

    Well, it is already October 1 and what, the game is getting worse. Now can not play normally, the thrill of the game disappears. There was no desire to hurry every day to sit on the computer just to play pirate storm. The time was gone where everyone wanted to win in the arena, the equivalent matches disappeared with excitement. You can hardly meet players on the cards ... the desire to play is lost. I miss the old game ... Unfortunately, we can not fix this bug anymore ... It is best to restart everything and start everything new ..

    The Game Dies... :(:(:(:(:(:(:(
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  19. phiphii

    phiphii User

    It's the same problem with other bigpoint games, I suppose ...

    I learned that they have banned some players on Seafight. So, if it is not possible to banish someone, it would be enough to sell everything on the boat every time a cheater is known! And just saying: we do not know who destroyed your account;)
    But the easiest way is to fix the bugs, of course, even if it does not bring anything bigpoint ...
    I vote to close the servers and fix the problems
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    MOJOJOJO. User

    if they remove loadouts then most machine gun firing ships would stop after a while 1 bug is fixed as ive exploited the bug and sent youtube videos of someone showing how to do it
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