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What to do witch the bug

  1. Close servers and ficks the problem

  2. Let it go let everyboty hack

  3. Ban every boty who hacks

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  1. You do not understand ??, the plmus part of the cheats are players who disburse, and so I think bigpoint closes his eyes because his players bring them back.
    When to us normal players have account for butter.
    And it's like its in most of the online games.
  2. This is the opposite in Eur1, the majority of users bugs never buy diamonds, that is why, to be strong, they need bugs, we have many screenshots and videos of low levels proving this.
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  3. picasso

    picasso User

    You play in a guy who cheats the EU1 and write about punishment ??? I hope you are uploading in guild to each other! It's ridiculous when the thief screams - catch thieves:/

    PRESQUE User

    I see you'r ready too join another guild
  5. This is normal to vote against cheaters when we don't cheat, game is became so boring now coz that.

    Cheaters vote "let it go let everybody hack", honnest players vote first or third proposition, this is not ridiculous at all.

    No, i don't want change guild. I'm just waiting all bugs be fixed :)
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  6. picasso

    picasso User

    when we don't cheat, game is became so boring now coz that ??? - This is an excuse for breaking the rules ? I hope, unfortunately, that all fraudsters will be permanently blocked and their accounts deleted .
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  7. I wrote that : "This is normal to vote against cheaters when we don't cheat, game is became so boring now coz that"

    If you delete part of this sentence, you change the meaning of it.

    It's not mean we have to cheat too, game is became very boring because cheaters, so all cheaters have to be banned, and this is my vote. Cheaters have killed this game, not only great pirate tournament.
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  8. picasso

    picasso User

    Not cheaters, but BP destroys this game because he does not punish the scammers.
    But it is strange that the player with the most embarrassing guild calls for justice ???
    For the guild what your game is boring - for the guild that plays by the rules, the game is frustrating !
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    MOJOJOJO. User

    the bug they use is GS auto clicker as u can buy multiple thing at once and the game cant keep up so they have loads of things to increase fire rate and damage
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  10. You don't have to judge my vote, I am free to love justice, and vote in this sense. We'll all see when the cheaters will be punished how many players per guild remain activs, nothing else to add.
  11. junkistu

    junkistu User

    Ban all cheaters for good , ban account , ban ip , delete accounts ... thats all i have to say ....
  12. =^ᴥ^=

    =^ᴥ^= User

    Closing the game is so much better than doing that. Everyone will see that the game will be closed, this game has got cancer and its determined when its going to die only you arent told about it and now think for a chance to play it without cheat ? Well good luck xD
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  13. koff80

    koff80 User

    1. Close servers and ficks the problem
    2. Ban every boty who hack

    No problem , clean game.

    Happy Players! :)
  14. Restart the servers
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  15. dracul

    dracul User

    Hi , my opinion is fix the bugs and ban player who use hack for diamonds , and for fix the bugs need dellet configuration of the ship !!! Thank you.
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  16. junkistu

    junkistu User

    I hope the forum administrators translate what you just wrote to understand how you insult me.
    The translation is from Romanian to English ... it's easy
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  17. junkistu

    junkistu User

    All those who took advantage of these bugs deserve to be punished
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  18. Goodbye to everyone playing 5 or 6 years in europe 1 and for but whoever uses the bug must be banned from playing the game using the bug means to cheat on the game and very likely they are unsure why winning cheating is like throwing a fire in the sea That is, it is worth it. I sent several photos of who used the bag but the big one did not do anything strange thing that there are still pirate tournament resources last years lasted 5 or 6 days after the end of the tournament without counting the discount Diamonds upgrades resources up to nausea i ask me one but the big one from this bug gains for me the answer is yes. If they can not do anything to fix the servers and put the game up, it's time to finish it and banned all the players who used it but I always see them on the map. Do not spend in resources is not worth it against those who have the bugs are useless. I with 60,000 HP I went down with a shot with all the active resources you do. BIG wakes up honest gamers are tired of this disgust and our rescuers who laughs without counting the damage we've had in the pirate tournament titles are Almost all go
  19. koff80

    koff80 User

    Repair problem?
    Close, The end games?
  20. goodbye also from me...see ya eu1 ....i liked this game before years...2012-2013 special....very funny ...kamikaze..pvp all these and many people...BYEEE.....
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