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What to do witch the bug

  1. Close servers and ficks the problem

  2. Let it go let everyboty hack

  3. Ban every boty who hacks

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  1. Every day it goes worse and worse. The people without hacks are getting angry and trying to figure out how to hack. i thing the best thing to do is stopping the servers AND FICKS THE PROBLEM they don't wan't to ban every boty witch hacks then they really need to ban everyone
    So please vote so they can see what wee want.
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  2. PaganHorde

    PaganHorde User

    Ban them all.
  3. Perses

    Perses User

    Absolutely ******** if they ban pernamently all the cheaters with bug they will ban half of the players and will kill the game:D!
    Players are not guilty that use bug bigpoint are responsible that there is a bug and they do not fix it!
    The best choice is to fix this and the numerous other bugs with maintance.
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  4. raidmax

    raidmax User

    Equally guilty are players using this bug and bigpoint with their inaction.
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  5. PaganHorde

    PaganHorde User

    First 3 month ban. Next 1 year etc etc
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  6. picasso

    picasso User

    total IP adress ban forever ,but BP does not do anything :/ more sets = more dia
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  7. Newbiee

    Newbiee User

    Let me get this straight. You just put the blame to BP and not on the people who are using the bug? Now they are the victims? Oh, poor them. So touching! Let me give you tons of examples, because people are well aware of what is wrong and what is right.

    World of Warcraft - You are using hacks and exploits - you get ban
    Diablo - Using hacks - account get ban
    Starcraft - Using hacks/bugs - account get ban
    Warcraft 3 - same as Starcraft

    Half-life - you are using cheats like aim/speed - you IP or SteamID get ban
    Any Counter-Strike - same as HL

    All of the games have terms of condition, like PS and all of their games. If there are exploits, there will be always situation like the current one in PS, but the company(Big Point), seems to miss any balls/guts/cojones.

    PS: As an example from real life - There are strong people and weak people. There are people with weapons and ones without.
    If strong people rob/beat/rape weak people there are consequences. I've never heard of anyone got away with putting the blame to the gyms, boxing trainers or any other fighting style masters/teachers/trainers.

    Also, people with weapons could kill ones without and then what? Again, I've never heard of anyone got away by blaming a weapon manufacturer.

    There are rules and they should be follow, otherwise world outside will be anarchy. We are living in 2017, not 1350.
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  8. PaganHorde

    PaganHorde User

    Have you ever read TOC? You signed it when you joined the game here.

    "1.2.9. The use of program interruptions and / or mistakes for personal gain is strictly prohibited. Any errors or errors found must be reported promptly through the contact form."

    I've seen a lot of fun excuses here. "I'm using the bug because I want to help smaller ones, etc.".

    It's a fool who can not find excuses. Anyway, this fast shooting bug will ruin the hard work of all older players. And that's why it's not tolerated.

    Of course, the game owner should react faster, but this game is not a simple program made by schoolboys.
  9. raidmax

    raidmax User

    This game is not done by students .... but there are no students working in this company, right ... if I do not do this job the day I'm going to be fired ... how long we have yet to wait. ... this is already funny ..
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  10. By not fixing once and for all the BUG problem BP is forcing or encouraging players to get the BUG otherwise these players will not stand any chance against the BUGGED players..... We have seen this very clearly during the Tournament that just ended.......non bugged players could not win any tournament !! Please just fix the problem BP....close servers and get rid of the BUGS and do it in such a way that cannot be used any more !!! You said you would on July the 4th but nothing was done and no further announcement was made in this regard ! When are we going to see this done ? Please tell us asap ..............
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  11. .ELmalo.

    .ELmalo. User

    More of the same in Spanish and more of the same in English
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  12. Did somebody hear or read that on August 1st they, meaning BP, are going to " reinitiate all servers ?? would this mean that this may have something to do with regards of correcting or fixing the BUG problem ?? Asking because some people at my server are talking about this of August 1st but I personally haven't read anything to this regard ...........
  13. junkistu

    junkistu User

    Hello . I do not know anything and I have not heard anyone know about this time because my guild is not much online .

    In the past I did not know who to answer first to greet, but now salute and nobody responds to me ...
    Newbiee, my good friend, you have all my respect, and I could not say it better .

    I can not believe that two people voted to use the bug , I saw during battlefields how, as a result of a super-doped player, the game did not work anymore, and especially that it was total chaos, why are there consumables? Why are there different ships? Why are there different cannons? To play in a nice way !!! I look at those two votes and I do not know what their minds are ...
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  14. My dear and me...both ..can´t understand either what or were their minds are ...

    With this BUG around, consumables are trash and useless with exception of one ...the paralyzers !!!
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2017
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  15. ban all players user bug
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  16. garzon32

    garzon32 User

    you ahve to vote the first option 'cause is diferent may be bp ban all the player who use but they don't fix the bugs *Edit*
  17. picasso

    picasso User

    We do not have to fix anything - BP does not do anything - unfortunately BP wants only money for more sets

    PRESQUE User

    I think its but it is fair to say thats its not the players fault. the bug exists way too long. And the amount of players that use the bug can't be unseen I know. And the reason for the massive amount of player that use the bug is because the lost thier faith in pirate storm, beacause there isn't really much fighting for. all the PVE players are max lvl and have billions of gold. we haven't seen pvp season for weeks. no *EDIT* people are using the bug.

    PRESQUE User

    sorry for bad english, its not my native language.
  20. PIPO1965

    PIPO1965 User

    Yes PRESQUE, too many players use the bug, right?
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