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    Summer Games FAQs

    Q: What does the tournament mean for the players?
    A: Players can engage in battles in one of the many different game modes, or battlefields, the majority of which consist of teams of two. There are, however, daily challenges that include quests. Eagle medals can be obtained on all the battlefields, as well as merchant house coins, which can beused for one-of- a-kind items.

    Q: How can I take part in a battle?
    A: It’s easy. Just open the battlefield window in the battlemaster menu and choose a battle to enter. If the battlefields are all full, a spot in the next available battlefield will be reserved for you automatically.

    Q: When do battles begin?
    A: You can play on a specific battlefield every day and battles begin in intervals of a few minutes. The very first battle begins at midnight!

    Q: What happens when a player leaves the game while a battle is underway?
    A: Should a player leave battle while it is still underway, a player that is waiting in the wings will be his replacement.

    Q: Do I have to wait 30 minutes for the next battle to start?
    A: No. If you decide to leave a battle in progress, another player will be added automatically.

    Q: Can I engage in battles with guild members or friends?
    A: You may not enter a battle as a part of a guild as players are selected at random. Therefore, you may be lining up across from your friends.

    Q: Do I need to found a team?
    A: No, you may not. Furthermore, teams cannot be founded. Teams are automatically selected at random for each battle.

    Q: Is there a limit on the number of battles I can play in a day?
    A. No. You may engage in as many battles as you want.

    Q: Does the Tournament have any bearing on the Arena rankings or the Arena team?
    A: No. The area and battlefield modes are completely separate and do not influence each other.

    Q: What role do the different houses play?
    A: The six merchant houses are sponsoring the tournament and each house has its own item as a reward.

    Q: What rewards can players receive?
    A: There is a reward tab in the battlefield window. Each house has its own battlefield. To unlock the various items, the coins must be earned from each battlefield. The coins and eagle medals may also be purchased in the shop. At the end of the tournament, the best players and guilds will receive a championship record!
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