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    Ahoy Captains!

    On the first of each month Pirate Storm celebrates the start of the Open Beta which began on August 1, 2011!

    Two rough and wild challenges await you on this day! Two new maps overrun with gruesome, hostile sea monsters wait to be conquered. On the “Hurricane Archipelago” bonus map, you can win yourself a wicked discount on the exclusive Storm Day item.

    But that’s not all that awaits you! Spiteful sea serpents also slither their way around the waters. Rumor has it that they hold great power inside them, namely the rarely found Lightning Blade Harpoon – valuable booty just waiting to be reeled in. Keep your eyes peeled for sea serpents and don’t let them get away, the Lightning Blade Harpoon is handy to have at sea!

    Godspeed and fair winds!

    Your Pirate Storm Team


    There are currently 5 items available during the Storm Day Event.
    Note: The items' prices are subject to change and so have not been included

    Bora Figurehead
    Storm Armour
    Storm Deck
    Small Tempest Bulkhead
    Storm Keel
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