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  1. What's the name of the new battleground?

    * It's called Spider Bay. The new merchant house, Anansi, is organizing the battleground. As prizes it is offering Eagle Medals and Anansi coins.

    What the goal of the new battleground?

    * To win a game, you and your team must destroy the enemy base as quickly as possible. You'll be supported in this endeavor by monsters and Fortuna's Favor: these unique buffs can be collected and increase your chance for victory.

    * The game ends as soon as a base is destroyed. The team that destroyed its enemy's base wins.

    * If time expires before the base is destroyed, then the team that caused the most damage to its enemy's base wins.

    * If time has expired and both teams have caused an equal amount of damage to the enemy base, then the winner is decided based on the following statistics (in decreasing order):

    o Most boats sunk by team

    o Most damage caused per team

    o Highest average damages per team

    How many players can each team hold?

    * The game was developed for 9 vs. 9

    How can the monsters help a team?

    * Waves of monsters are generated at your base and sent out the direction of enemy towers and bases

    * They'll go after enemy players first. If they encounter no players within their range, they'll attack enemy monsters, towers and the base.

    * When a monster dies, after a few seconds it respawns again in front of your base.

    How can players destroy the enemy base?

    * Before attacking and destroying the enemy base, you must first destroy 3 enemy towers.

    Is special ammunition required for the battleground?

    * No, any type of ammunition can be used on the battleground, but you can unlock Anansi cannonballs. This cause double damage on the Anasi battleground.

    How many Fortuna's Favors are available on the battleground?

    * There are 9 Fortuna's Favors for each team, in 3 different boxes (red, green, blue). Each color stands for a different buff. These buffs remain active until the player is sunk or leaves the battleground. If a player with a buff is sunk, then the box is respawned on the spot where it was collected.

    Is there anything else to collect?

    * Yes, there are other normal treasure chests around the entire battleground containing HP for quick repairs during battle.

    Are there new rewards?

    * Yes, there are several new rewards!

    o A new ship is available from the merchants during the event. The "Arachne," a powerful battleground ship that causes extra damage on all battlegrounds.

    o Various utility items such as the Arac-rocket that causes damage within a certain radius.

    o As with the other battleground weeks, you can also buy battleground insurance from the merchants.

    o And much, much more!

    Each pirate house Battlefield has its own set of unique rewards.
    Note: The coin requirements and cost for items may be subject to change.



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