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  1. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Board Administrator Team Pirate Storm

    Here is a short description of the new Death Jaunt:
    • The signup process will work the same way as for the other battlegrounds
      • At minimum 8 players are required to start a match
    • The playfield will be split into 4 parts of an equal size
    • There will be a visualized border between all quarters of the map
      • players on the other side can be seen
      • but neither tagged nor attacked
      • the borders will open once all quarters only have 1 or less players left
    • All players will get a stackable debuff which deals percentage damage over time
      • it will be applied 15 seconds after the match start
      • the debuff can stack up to 5 times which will increase the damage it deals
        • the stacks can be removed by collecting another buff (antiserum) at the map
        • there will be also a collectable which increases the stack for all other players
    • The goal is to be the last survivor of the individual quarter to participate in the endgame
      • even the last player of a quarter can die
      • so he needs to go on collecting antiserum or using heal consumables to survive as long as other quarter fights will take
    • Once each quarter has only 1 (or none) player left the barriers will drop
      • this will be triggered by a 5 seconds countdown which will be displayed in the center of the screen
      • together with the Cooldown all poison stacks will be reduced to 1 (basic level)
      • the round of the last four will be on the whole map
    • Who is the winner of the game?

      The last player standing on the map is the winner of the game. Accordingly, when your ship is sunk, you can no longer be a part of the game. After being sunk, however, players can still watch the game in spectator mode, in fact, we highly recommend this, since you must still be logged in when the game is over to receive credit for the Battleground Quests.

      Is there a time limit?
      No, but if there is a server restart while a game is in progress, that game will end and won’t be scored.

      What can we win?
      • 1st Place: 3 Buthu coins + 1 Eagle medal
      • 2nd-10th Places: 2 Buthu coins
      • 11th-12th Places: 1 Buthu coin​

    Antiserum-1 stack of poison--
    Buthu Blood+5% Life--
    Buthu Blood Donor+3% Life every 2 seconds10 sec.collecting multiple of those will prolong the time they run, not increasing the strength
    Buthu Poison-1% Life every 5 seconds for all other players-maximum of 5 (additional stacks to basic debuff - so a total of 7% is possible)
    Central Debuff-2% Life every 5 seconds-stacks with Buthu poison

    Each pirate house Battlefield has its own set of unique rewards.
    Note: The coin requirements and cost for items may be subject to change.

    Buthu Rewards

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  2. WaterWillow

    WaterWillow Team Leader Team Pirate Storm

    Each pirate house Battlefield has its own set of unique rewards.
    Note: The coin requirements and cost for items may be subject to change.

    Scorpion Set Price


    Scorpion Set Descriptions


    Scorpion Set Bonuses


    Note: Large Buthu Frigate Required for 6 Set Item Bonus
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