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    • To take a screenshot, you will use your "Print Screen" option. This is usually located somewhere in the upper right-hand corner of your keyboard.
    • (Make sure whatever it is you need a picture of, is clearly visible on your screen) Once you hit "Print Screen," a copy of your screen will be saved to your clipboard.
    • Immediately after taking the screenshot, paste it into your paint program,To find and open MS Paint, click "Start" in the lower left-hand size of your screen. Choose "All Programs," usually located at the very bottom of the pop-up menu, and look for "Accessories," usually near the top of the list of programs. You should see an icon for "Paint," with a graphic of some paintbrushes in a cup next to it.
    • With Paint now open, hit "Control" + "V" or navigate to your toolbar and choose "Edit" and "Paste." Your screenshot should pop up on the screen. You can save it as either a .JPG or a .GIF in its current size, which will be a large as your screen's current dimensions, or you can resize it to make it easier to display before saving.
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