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  1. What level does a guild need to be able to buy itself a guild island?
    • Your guild must be at least level 5 to buy a guild island
    Is there a limit to the number of islands per server?
    • No, any guild of at least level 5 can buy a guild island for player gold.
    Where can guild islands be purchased?
    • In any harbor.After purchase, the island is tied to that harbor.
    How much does a guild island cost?
    • 3,000,000 player gold, to be paid by the guild leader.
    Can a guild have more than one guild island?
    • No, each guild can have only one guild island.
    Can a guild also lose a guild island?
    • No, guild islands cannot be lost.
    How can a guild treasury be filled?
    • All guild members can deposit gold into the guild treasury through letters of marque (which functions like guild letters for guild experience points).
    Who can buy a guild island?
    • The guild leader.
    How can guild members visit their guild island?
    • Gold premium members can visit the guild island from anywhere.
    • Silver premium members can visit the guild islands from any harbor.
    • All other members can visit the guild islands from access harbors.Access is located on the profile tab of the guild and brings the players in the harbor to the guild island.
    How does one leave the guild island?
    • All attackers can leave the guild island via the vortex on the guild island map.
    • Defenders can also leave the map via the vortex.Members of a guild can also leave their guild island via the guild profile.
    How is the home harbor determined?
    • When the guild leader buys the guild islands, the harbor where the guild leader is located is defined as the access harbor.
    Can a guild island or access harbor be moved?
    • No, as soon as the guild island is purchased, it is permanently linked to the access harbor.
    How can one guild negotiate a cease-fire with another guild?
    • The guild leader or any sufficiently authorized guild member can use the Diplomacy tab to offer a cease-fire to other guilds or to drop existing truces.
    • The guild leader or any sufficiently authorized guild member can use the Applications tab under the Cease-fire submenu to manage outstanding offers.
    • A guild can negotiate cease-fires with up to 5 other guilds.
    What options are there in the guild harbors?
    • Headquarters:
      • Construction: The headquarters can be further expanded here, and the Workshop, Stonemason and Monster's Den can be erected and upgraded.
      • Ranking: The guilds can see how they stack up to other guilds here.The more plunder points a guild earns, the higher its ranking.
      • Rewards: Plunder points are used to unlock rewards and blueprints.There are special rewards for the best guilds from the previous months.
      • Fortress warden: The island defenses can be expanded here.
        • Island fortifications:the fortress can be expanded here and the guild leader or guild members with relevant rights can call for a parley here.
        • Stonemason: Defensive towards can be erected, upgraded or repaired here.
        • Monster's den: Monsters to defend the guild island can be bred, trained and healed here.
        • Workshop: Special items can be produced here, presuming the player has the necessary blueprints.
        • Wharf: Ships can be replaced here, just like at any other harbor.
    How can a guild island be defended?
    • To defend a guild island more effectively against attackers, properly authorized guild members can erect defensive fortifications.The stonemason can be used to erect, upgrade or repair defensive towers.The monster's den can also be used to breed monsters to defend the guild islands.Any monsters that have been bred appear automatically during an attack.In addition the fortress can be upgraded to prevent quick plundering.
    • Guild members and guilds with whom the guild has a cease-fire can visit the guild island and fight against attackers.
    How can an attack on a guild island be thwarted?
    • If the defenders prevent the destruction of the defensive fortifications within the specified time, then the attack is considered failed.
    How many players can defend a guild island?
    • A total number of players equal to the potential number of members of the defending guild can defend the guild island.The corps of defenders can come from the guild's own members and from players allied through a cease-fire.
    How can another guild island be attacked?
    • The island list contains all guilds that have a guild island and can be attacked.The guild leader or guild members with relevant rights can press the Attack button on that list to launch an attack.
    How many players can attack a guild island?
    • The maximum number of attacking players corresponds to the maximum number of potential defenders.
    Which guild islands can attack a guild?
    • A guild can attack all guild islands above it on the ranking list.In addition a guild can also attack the two guild islands below it on the ranking list.The rank of a guild island reflects the respective plunder points.
    When can a guild island not be attacked?
    • Guild islands more than three ranks below the attacking guild cannot be attacked.
    • In the event of an unsuccessful attack, the attacking guild is blocked from a renewed attack on the relevant guild island.So long as the attack ban is in place, the guild cannot attack that guild island.
    • If a guild island has been plundered, then a call for parley is automatically issued.
    • If a call for parley has been issued for a guild island, then the affected guild can neither launch attacks nor be attacked.
    • Guilds with an active cease-fire cannot attack one another.
    • If a guild island is already being attacked by a guild then it cannot be attacked by other guilds.
    What conditions must be fulfilled for a successful attack on a guild island?
    • The defensive fortifications must be destroyed within a specific period of time.Only then can the fortress itself be attacked.The attack is considered a success if the enemy fortress has been destroyed.
    What is the reward to a guild for a successful attack on a guild island?
    • The attacking guild receives plunder points in accordance with the level of the fortress it has defeated.
    What happens when a guild island is plundered?
    • All buildings except the headquarters lose one upgrade level and all upgrades that are underway are lost.
    • If special material orders are currently in the queue, the gold used to pay for them is returned.
    What are blueprints?
    • Blueprints are construction plans used to create special items in the workshop.Each player must first make a one-time purchase of the desired blueprints to be able to produce any given item.
    Where can you acquire blueprints?
    • Blueprints are unlocked using plunder points and can then be purchased via the headquarters.
    Can blueprints be lost?
    • No, once purchased, they remain with the player even if he leaves the guild.
    When can blueprints be used?
    • The guild's Workshop must be upgraded to the corresponding level.
    How many special items can be produced at once?
    • The special objects are produced in packets.Only one packet can be produced at any given time.All further jobs are put into the queue.The size of the packet depends on the blueprints.
    How many orders can be put into the queue?
    • The number of orders depends on the upgrade level for the Workshop.
    What happens when a construction order for special items is completed?
    • The special items have to be picked up in the Workshop.They are not automatically moved into the inventory.
    What does it cost to produce special items?
    • Player gold is used to produce all special items, and the process takes a certain amount of time.
    What is a parley?
    • A parley is the term for a period of peace among pirates. It can be actively called by a guild or automatically in other circumstances.
    What is rum used for?
    • Rum can be used to half the time required for the current construction (for buildings) or manufacturing process (for special items).Repair procedures can similarly be accelerated.
    Can the headquarters be destroyed?
    • No, the headquarters cannot be destroyed, nor does it lose an upgrade level when the guild island is successfully attacked.
    Is it possible to visit guild islands from external guilds as well?
    • Only guilds that have negotiated a cease-fire can visit each other.
    Why is guild gold needed?
    • Guild gold is used to construct buildings, defensive fortifications and the Monster's Den.
    What is the Maximum Gold a Guild Can Obtain?
    • The Guild Gold limit is set at 2 Billion
    What happens if a ship is sunk on a guild island?
    • The ship remains on the guild island and the player has the option to repair it for gold or diamonds.Attackers start at the vortex, while the owners of the guild island and their allies are in the guild harbor.
    What awards can be won?
    • Each month a new ranking list is issued sorted based on the earned plunder points.
    • The members of the guild with the most plunder points during the last month receive a unique award that is visible next to their guild tag for all to see during the current month.
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