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  1. Hello good afternoon
    I'm here to give you an idea that I'm sure you can insert into the game, so that we can play without having to wait for other players to enter the game to help, I ask you to add bots in the game, to complement events and arenas, in events it could have a daily limit, and arena too, at least to do the quests... I think something like that wouldn't be difficult, and super cool, I'm sure many others will like it I'd be more looking forward to playing... the events are busy in the morning and in the afternoon... please pass this idea on to icm if he still likes this game... do this for the players who still love this game but the problem is they don't pass our ideas on as the game still has several bugs like, the double xp event doesn't work, the chat is disabled, what a shame, you should at least return with the guild chat, for the game to develop again, I don't even ask you to create new disclosures, just updates would be enough with the rest we could bring more players, s o we need more effective updates, we give a bit of attention to latam1 please.
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    good idea
  3. Hello, alright, I came here to send a suggestion, and an idea for the arenas, I noticed that in the day to day in pirate the x2 x3 arenas are more difficult to be called matches, due to the lack of players, in this situation they could add bots in the arenas so we can play the games to release the consumables or also the gladiator deck and boat, or i could put the arena and gladiator decks at x1 even with its release for those who become top 10 in x1 would be one of the best ideas for the arena right now, could you put that into the next arena season, as a test for the players,
    grateful for the attention.
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    A great placement, just wait and see if they pay attention to us... it seems they despise us...A great placement, just wait and see if they pay attention to us... it seems they despise us...