EU4 Gladiator still possible??

Discussion in 'Guild & Arena Team Search' started by [-PRO-], Jul 20, 2018.

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  1. Eclips

    Eclips User

    There are many things important in battle, and when you try hard in arena, you want to maximize everything, so fastest ship, most cannons ect. There are certain items and sails that makes it possible to reach over 19 knots. Speed really matters since you can run when you are low. And in guildattacks, with more speed you can attack more waves, which mean more damage.

    And I can add more things which are important to the list such as critical damage, captain orders ect.
  2. -12345460-

    -12345460- User

    You are right but if both team can use their ships and the items then the battle is depending on who has better ship with more cannon etc. I think.
  3. If two teams have the same possible bets, surely the difference in the cannons will bring the victory to his team. I think the only play a role in the battlefields. But I do not believe it, and because if the rival team is well organized it can win as much as possible. I think they do not play a lot of cannons or special items if the player or team plays good.
  4. Eclips

    Eclips User

    Luck is important too in game :) In battlegrounds I dont put items and I win sometimes medails, really depends on multiple things
  5. devil22

    devil22 User

    can i join your guild?