EU1 FAW being ressurected

Discussion in 'Guild & Arena Team Search' started by YellowHammer, Nov 24, 2018.

Dear forum reader,

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  1. If you were ever a member of AAK or FAW, please return. Apply in the game name you used then.

    If you are new and/or having a rough time that advice from experienced players might help, apply

    We are mostly English speaking but anyone may apply. The changes that PS has gone through in the last two years is making it harder on new players and we want to help fix that.
  2. Good luck Hammer :)) and welcome back :)
  3. Hey there! Thank you!
  4. radusan12

    radusan12 User

    hey join my guild ? CPM:)
  5. devil22

    devil22 User

    I am old player from eu1 but lost my old account and started a new one. Can i join ?
  6. BarBariaN

    BarBariaN User

    I was in your guild 5 years ago, are you still active, i want to come back.
  7. wlastik

    wlastik User

    Hello, what is your nickname in europa 1 ?
  8. BarBariaN

    BarBariaN User

    It was like name on forum now is Виљушка.
  9. i aply to join, my name is dococa
  10. BarBariaN

    BarBariaN User

    apply FLO, FAW is dead